Lifestyle: How to find your style again after becoming a mum

Do you ever feel like you knew your sense of style and dare I say it, felt quite fashionable before children? But when you become a mummy, lack of time, changing body shape and complete exhaustion lead to feeling out of your comfort zone. If you're lucky enough to get straight back into your old clothes, I'm insanely envious, for one thing, but also it must make life massively easier. 

Even if your clothes still fit, you might feel like your style has evolved, or you favour comfort over shoe horning yourself into your skinny jeans, or perhaps you feel you'd like your style to evolve with your growing wisdom and maturity - haha!

I certainly felt too exhausted to give much thought to my clothes in those early months and then having two smalls close together meant my body changed twice in very close succession, I was still breastfeeding for a year after each pregnancy, so my clothes were decided on how easy it would be to feed baby.

As spring came flying round I found myself no longer breastfeeding and wanting to rediscover a sense of style that didn't feel too flowery or mumsy (although I definitely still love a flowery tea dress).

I know how your partner/ husband feels about your clothes shouldn't really matter but of course, I want to feel attractive on the rare occasion I don't have two smalls hanging off me. The Carnivore knows better than to say anything negative about how I look(!) but sometimes not saying a lot can speak volumes too. I know he's not massively into the flowery dresses and comfy birkenstock look, so I wanted to find a more simple, stylish but also comfortable aesthetic. 

I feel like 90% of my old wardrobe in not the direction I want to go in any more so a purge is incoming. Instead I'm really into a more paired back, capsule wardrobe, so watch this space.

If you want to reconnect with your style, here are a few tips:

- forget magazines as they are not based on real bodies. Instead look to your friends, colleagues or body positivity bloggers.

- concentrate on colours and pick 3 that make your skin tone glow

- choose one or two parts of your body you love and find clothes that emphasise those. Good legs? Skinny jeans or play suits. Banging cleavage? A tasteful but plunging neckline. You catch my drift.

- if there is a part of your body you don’t like, look for things that skim that area like a peplum top or empire line for a mummy tummy. 

- Or play with proportions. Puff sleeves are having a moment right now and I'm all for something that is fashionable but also very flattering. The volume of the sleeves and loose fit draw attention away from the areas you don't want to see and skim the curves. 

Not many people know that a block colour, such as all white, can be just as flattering as black and these H&M dresses come in all sorts of colours. 

It's light and airy, perfect for warmer weather and both smart enough for dinner but also casual enough for a day out at the seaside. I'm long past saving clothes for best, as I'd never get to wear them, so this dress will be worn plenty over the summer.

I paired this dress with tan sandal sliders from New Look which were a bargain at £12 a pair. So bargainous and comfortable I bought them in mustard too.

The wicker bag is from Joules and I love how it can dress up or down with the occasion. i rarely bother with a bag now (mum life!) as most of my belongings are in the nappy bag but when I'm out sans littles, I feel it completes and outfit. Again the oversized bag and hat detract attention away from the bits you want to hide, so are perfect accessories.

I am far from finding my new style and developing my wardrobe since becoming a mum but I'm at least I'm on the journey. 

How did your style evolve after becoming a mum?

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