Feeding Beverley (and villages) during Covid-19

Here is a list of businesses in Beverley and surrounding area that are adapting their services during this weird time. I'll try to keep it up to date as a resource for you:

When the world took a pause....living through Covid-19

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The world has watched over the weeks as Corona Virus has taken hold around the world and although we have known this was unfolding from when it started in China in January, when it landed on Italy's shores we knew it was a matter of time before it reached the UK. Despite watching the news and knowing what was coming, it hasn't lessened the blow at all.

Motherhood, Work and International Women's Day

Women born in the 80's and beyond are always told to make sure we have our sh!t together before we have kids. Get your education, a good job, work your way up and be financially independent, they say. Sure, we say, that sounds sensible, After all we don't want to find ourselves like our mother's generation and women before them, with small children, and no financial means of our own.