Being a mum to 2 under 2, 6 months in to the job....

Getting chance to write is a real luxury that I just don't have these days, so when I do grab time, it has to be quick and to the point but I realised that I haven't really updated on what life is like with two babies under two for a while, so here goes.

Top tips for designing a family friendly kitchen for a new baby

A year on from when we started our house renovation (I know, how can it have been a year already?!) there are a few things I've reflected on about creating a more family friendly kitchen. It was a big part of the brief for our 1850's farmers cottage which was disconnected with various separate rooms and awkward connection to the garden.

A house boat mini-break in York

When you really want to get away from it all where better to retreat to then a houseboat. No traffic noise, no noisy neighbours to contend with and just the peaceful splash of the resident ducks to listen to.