The perfect meat-free Monday recipe

In honour of National Vegetarian Week, which is every week in this household with one of us being a proud Herbivore, we wanted to make something hearty and tasty that even the steadfast Carnivore would love. We now also have the added requirement that our food has to be baby led weaning friendly, as the Milkivore is eating the same as us.

Family glamping at the North Star Club Yorkshire

We were always of the opinion that the world was too large and interesting to return to the same place twice and we held true to that until we became parents. Oh poor, missguided fools we were!!

Then all of a sudden the world seemed unknown and the risk of going somewhere unfamiliar amplified. Instead we have started to favour knowing what to expect on our family holidays and ease of taking everything a baby requires in our own car.  At least whilst the Milkivore is still so little anyway. As a result staycations have become our new favourite thing and why not, given that this country offers some of the most beautiful countryside and interesting attractions.

What to expect at 0-4 weeks postpartum

This post is very overdue, as honestly I did not know whether anyone would want to read our post birth updates, but then I realised that I write here as much for my own memories as for anyone else and I would like to remember each milestone since my sweet little baby girl came earth side.

Plus it is Maternal Mental Health week and I think it's important to get a sense of how varied normal birth and experiences of motherhood can be. Nothing else is as much of a rollercoaster ride as motherhood and you can feel elated, exhausted, frustrated, proud and tearful all in one day.