Finding yourself again after becoming a mummy

It's funny how when you were planning your family, so desperate to hold that new baby in your arms, you probably didn't really give much thought to what things would be like when they were no longer a baby. Maybe you did in the abstract, picturing sunny days in the garden, holidays and watching them at their first dance recital or football game, but did you really give much thought to you once they hit toddler-hood and beyond.

Being a mum to 2 under 2, 6 months in to the job....

Getting chance to write is a real luxury that I just don't have these days, so when I do grab time, it has to be quick and to the point but I realised that I haven't really updated on what life is like with two babies under two for a while, so here goes.

Top tips for designing a family friendly kitchen for a new baby

A year on from when we started our house renovation (I know, how can it have been a year already?!) there are a few things I've reflected on about creating a more family friendly kitchen. It was a big part of the brief for our 1850's farmers cottage which was disconnected with various separate rooms and awkward connection to the garden.