Reviving a career after a period of being a stay at home mum

It is fair to say I was a very career focused young woman. Highly ambitious, driven, good work ethic and continued studying and volunteering to push myself along the career path.

When the time finally came when I was lucky enough to have a family, much like many women, I had obsessed over the precious bundles I would hold in my arms and I guess assumed they would slot into our lives. The details were to be figured out later, between nurseries and family support.

Yorkshire's hidden treasure trail that will motivate you to get fit

As a psychologist, people often ask me how to form a new exercise routine and make it stick. I believe you get far better results from making new habits easy, effective and fun. There is also an extra bonus if it is for a good cause, as it releases feel good endorphins and dopamine, plus you are accountable to others.

I'm a big believer in exercise, not just for the fitness benefits it provides but also for how it has the power to clear the mind and boost your mood. Not to mention the many long term benefits in preventing and improving the outcomes of serious illnesses. However, since becoming a parent and life being so busy, it has become harder to keep up with my old exercise routine. 

What to expect from a Centreparcs holiday with the kids

When the Carnivore suggested we take a family holiday at Centreparcs, I was a little unsure, as I had heard it was expensive, and in all honesty I didn't see what the difference was between this and hiring a lodge elsewhere. Also with the Covid situation, it felt unpredictable. But when you have little children everything becomes about minimizing stress - am I right?