How to connect to your inner child with Connetix

One of the things that has struck me in my years since becoming a parent, is how hard it has been at times to get on board with imaginary play. I have always considered myself to be playful even as an adult, and as a child loved imaginary play. But turns out, since becoming an adult and a parent, I have become aware my imaginary play is much more inward. I love to create imaginary worlds inside my mind and that's why reading is a joy for me, or design things and I walk to allow myself to daydream.

Why you need to visit Beatrix Potter world at Easter time

If you find yourself in the Lake District this Easter half term, I really recommend you seek out Beatrix Potter world for a true touch of Easter magic. 

How to throw the perfect woodland theme kids party

I love kids' birthdays as it's a chance to get creative with planning parties. They don't have to big or expensive and the best ones have been the smaller parties planned at home and completely personalized to them.