Smart Storage Solutions in Children's Bedrooms

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We all hope to have homes and bedrooms big enough for the whole family. But sometimes that's just not practical. The kids have to share or they're left with the smallest room. Of course, this leaves you with little space that you have to try and use in a sensible way. When you have to squeeze two or more children into one bedroom or you're trying to furnish a box room, how do you make the most of the space you have? Luckily, there are so many methods you can use to make use of space in a clever way.

How To Add Elegance To Your Home This Winter

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With the cooler months coming in, it means for many, a chance to fully embrace the introverted life by spending more of time indoors. There’s nothing quite like wrapping up in a fluffy blanket or throw and enjoying a good movie in front of the television.

How to connect to your inner child with Connetix

One of the things that has struck me in my years since becoming a parent, is how hard it has been at times to get on board with imaginary play. I have always considered myself to be playful even as an adult, and as a child loved imaginary play. But turns out, since becoming an adult and a parent, I have become aware my imaginary play is much more inward. I love to create imaginary worlds inside my mind and that's why reading is a joy for me, or design things and I walk to allow myself to daydream.