Finding magic at Northwood Fairy Trail

With 18 months of isolation and craziness during the pandemic, we haven't been very far and I've really missed adventuring. This blog started as a journal for the things I love; travel, adventures, homewares, country life and food. The family adventure part was sorely missing of late but finally with a bit more freedom on the cards, we're back to what we do best, finding magic and adventure whereever we go.

My home haul from Jack's Supermarket in Hull


I remember a time that homewares and supermarkets didn't go hand in hand but now everyone wants style at an affordable price, even better if it comes with convenience and you can pick some stuff up on the weekly food shop.

Where to invest money if you're thinking of renovating your house

When we bought our old farmhouse cottage, we knew we could add value eventually but we still had to do our homework to ensure we weren't investing money we would never see back. So the first thing is to make sure you know the ceiling limit in your street for property prices. Unless it is your forever home, and even then, you don't want to spend more than the value you can add.