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Forever on a quest to find and share new inspiration, I live in my own whimsical, nature-inspired world & love to write about our travels, adventures, lifestyle & brands that we genuinely love.  A little bit bohemian and free spirited, a little bit girl geek, I'm a contradiction in terms (or eclectic as I like to call it). A proud herbivore but owner of a carnivore husband, we are lovers of country life in Yorkshire.

I'm an experienced PR & marketer and have worked with many exciting lifestyle, retail & leisure brands over the years, from Jamie Oliver homewares to various tourist boards, that align with my own personal brand & values, helping to gain exposure & loyal followings for them. 

I'd love it if you dropped by to say hi or if you want to work with me on any features, please e-mail me at: theinspirationhighway@outlook.com and I can send you my media kit. 

I'm also a qualified Business and Consumer Psychologist, so if you like my marketing, business & insight content most or want to work behind the scenes on your brand, please join me on my business channel @insightspire or contact me insightspiration@gmail.com.

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