Parenting: How to entertain kids during the pandemic (or if you're stuck at home)

Truthfully when parks closed at the start of lockdown, there went about 75% of my parenting tricks from my sleeve. The dread I felt at walking past our village park and explaining why we couldn't go in but in reality, they were very good about it. In fact they've been great with it all, although I suspect at such young ages, they have feelings about it but can't really articulate it as well.

To try to make up for the parks and playgroups being off, we bought this TP Toys treehouse for the garden which has two levels, a wavy slide, a sandpit /den underneath, a fireman's pole (which we haven't attached yet) and we've added a few bits like the swing and a blackboard for drawing all manner of things from fire scenes, to an ice cream shop. 
It's been a god send for letting them burn off some toddler energy and we've had some fun with turning it into a den and a picnic spot. Although I don't really get a rest on swing pushing duty, it will grow with them over the years. 

It does't take up too much space in the garden, which was a big requirement. We like to enjoy a grown up entertaining space for barbecues and hot tubbing, but we're also aware that kids need play spaces while they are at home so much. The wooden hexagonal structure of the TP multi playhouse ticked so many boxes and blends nicely into the trees in the garden.

When the days start to turn to dusk, it makes an excellent spot to snuggle up for stories too.
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