Top 5 revelations from a mum of two under two

There are many things I've come to learn about myself through the joy and exhaustion of motherhood but there are some things that took me by surprise...

1) Getting crafty

I thought I'd love the part of being a mum involving crafting and imaginary play and sometimes I do - BUT - a lot of the time I find it tedious, hard work, messy, fruitless and would rather be doing a hundred other things, including working. Being at home with a young toddler and newborn, it is on me completely to plan our days and mostly this involves keeping the Little Inspiration busy. Keeping a toddler happy, means everyone is happy. It's not that I don't like crafts - I do - but doing toddler crafting tends to be a whole different ball game as they make it known you're doing it wrong or abandon it before its finished and quite frankly, my idea of crafting is upcycling furniture for my home or such like.

2) Pillow talk

I'm not the moody demon I thought I'd be from lack of sleep. In my carefree days before children I went out quite a lot and it usually involved late nights and drinking. The days after were usually spent in a sullen silence as ruminated on how much I regretted that last drink and not getting more sleep. Turns out that having a smiling little cherub doing the waking up makes lack of sleep not seem so bad. Sure I have times when I want to scream into my pillow when being woken up for the eleventy billionth time but largely, come the dawn I manage to paint a smile on my face and function perfectly well.

3) Insta worthy

I thought being a stay at home working mum I'd have the time and inclination to make insta worthy recipes and post them on my perfectly polished blog and social accounts but oh how wrong I was. It turns out I find thinking of what my entire family is going to eat for every meal of the day extremely boring and hard work. I enjoy cooking but when its something that's hankering to my cravings, not for fussy toddlers who don't eat what I cook anyway and meat loving husbands who always thinks my portions are too small. I barely get time to eat in the day,let alone spend ages faffing on intricate recipes. Forget taking perfect photographs of said food as there just isn't the time and so 'good enough' has become my new mantra.

4) Days out / travelling

Going on days out with kids requires military precision planning and inevitably something important gets left at home. That's all good and well but when you get there the toddler decides they only want to see the swings that they could play in at any free park, not the expensive safari/ farm/ aquarium or whatever attraction you've actually paid for. Or most of your time is spent in the baby changing because the little one has done an epic poosplosion up to their neck. It's lovely having family time and days out but it does not come without hard work and usually the odd argument between mummy and daddy about which clever dick left the baby wipes at home or is more miserable at that time.

5) In love

The instant love you feel for your baby is immense and so special but noone tells you its grows bigger and more fierce every day. Seeing their personalities develop, them hone new skills, and even the naughty behaviour, which you shouldn't laugh at, warms your heart. I worried that having another baby might take something away from that love but the opposite is true and my love has grown more since becoming a mum to two. Seeing the way the Little Inspiration dotes on her little brother and the way he watches her is truly amazing.

So there you have it, a great big dollop of honesty. I'd love to hear your revelations either here or on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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