Welcome to the world....

So I've been quiet on here for a while mainly because...well...this...as you'll know if you've been following along on Insta. If you're not, why not?! Jokes.

Welcome to the world baby boy. Despite keeping us waiting well over my due date, he was obviously well worth the wait and we are beyond in love with him.

I wondered how my heart would ever accommodate another baby and I could bond the way I have with the Little Inspiration but it was an instant connection with our sweet baby boy the moment we looked at each other. My heart expanded beyond all explanation and I love them both all the world. In fact seeing them together made my heart swell even further.

My birth plan didn't go quite as I'd expected but I'll update you all on that another time...for now we are enjoying our baby moon bubble and us all getting to know each other. If you're up for some cute baby spam, in amongst interior stuff from our house renovation and general life updates, join us over in Instagram. 

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