The best Easter treats for babies

The Little Inspiration and Milkivore are still a bit young to get Easter eggs this year (although the struggle is real to keep the toddler away from sweets now) but we still want to mark the occasion with a few treats.

The Little Inspiration is mainly getting crafty things like stickers and glue to make little feathery chicks and the Milkivore is a bit trickier to buy for so will mainly just be looking cute in a bunny baby gro. Here's a few things they'll each be getting this Easter...

 I found I Dream To Be on Etsy and fell in love with their whimsical and floral clothes and accessories. This baby gro is perfect for the Milkivore although he's cute enough as it is.

It probably won't be too much longer before he's starting to teeth as the Little Inspiration started quite early (sob) so this little silicone and wood teether from Etsy is ideal to put away for him.
The Little Inspiration has been walking for a long time already but didn't quite have the development to know when to stop near roads etc, so this has helped us enormously. It's cute, practical to carry snacks and acts as a bit of a fail safe for when I lost a grip of her hand. Similar from Mamas and Papas here
These Usborne touch books are fab first introductions to reading when the are more interested in pictures so this That's Not My Bunny book is going in the Milkivore's sensory basket.

For toddler's this Hop Little Bunnies book is a great addition as the Little Inspiration loves it when I read it in a sing songy voice and now joins in certain bits of the book.
This BoBo Buddy is a cute addition to baby's Easter basket and will become a treasured friend and comforter for years to come.
What non chocolate treats have you put in your little one's Easter baskets?

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