The best disposable eco nappies

Before I had children I really hadn't given much thought to how many nappies you go through or where they all go once they've been used.

Fast forward to the end of the first week of the Little Inspiration being earth side and I was disgusted by how full our general waste bin was with nappies and plastic scented bags.

Don't get me wrong, as new parents we were overwhelmed and unbelievably busy just learning how to be parents, but, we couldn't deny that if there was an option that was both convenient and had better eco credentials, we would do it.

We used Naty nappies when the Little Inspiration was born but found they did struggle to contain the breastfed newborn poonamis a bit. We have dabbled in reusables and disposables over the months but when Naty asked if we'd like to try the toddler nappies in their range, we jumped at the chance.

Naty by Nature have the highest standards of being not only natural and free of plastics, but also renewability, meaning they can be recycled.

They do eco wipes, panty liners and sanitary ware too, so there is not excuse to be contributing to landfill.

Unlike the newborn days, I found that Naty for my older baby more than coped with toilet demands and contained mess better than most leading disposables.

I also love that they are natural and delicate on my babe's skin, as there are just so many nasties and chemicals used in a lot of disposable products.

We also tried the bath product range, including bath foam, shampoo and body wash which were all unscented and incredibly gentle. So much so that I found myself using them in my pregnancy.
The packaging is clean and simple....
They have a really clean but gentle smell and leave your skin lovely and soft.

Plus they have lasted for quite a while as a tiny bit goes a long way...
I'm pleased that they not tested on animals and hold the highest eco credentials

I'm happy for the Little Inspiration to have these in her bath and will follow suit when the tiny, newest inspiration gets here.
I've found the nappies move freely with this busy toddler, rather than letting leaks happen.....
I know better than anyone that life takes over and gets busy, so when reusable nappies are not an option, the next best thing is an eco nappy. So we'll always be keeping a stash of these nearby. 

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