2018 in review (& a bump update)

I hope Christmas has been a source of happiness, rest and contentment for you all. Listening to friends near and far it seems 2018 has been a challenging time for all with some low lows and high highs. 

We've certainly had our share of ups and downs. Our year in review was tough to confine to 9 images that sum it up but as you can see it was a colourful year, in more ways than one.

Watching our Little Inspiration grow from a tiny, non mobile baby to a beautiful, funny, active toddler has been incredible. We’ve celebrated a year of firsts including a very colourful Easter egg Hun. 

We’ve thrown in some cool travel to boot. From coastal fun, to snowy road trips, to glamping in the forest, road testing a Nissan Leaf in the Yorkshire Dales, Provence summer days and beach time in Menorca.

This year we found out we were expecting another Tiny Inspiration member and have watched bump grow over the seasons.

I grew my #freelancewriting and marketing portfolio during nap time hustles which has been no mean feat.

We also started renovations on our 1850s country cottage which has been both exciting and stressful at times. We’re still in a race against time to finish before baby’s due date so wish us luck.

Quite an incredible year and a complete busy whirlwind...and somehow we’ve kept our sanity through a lot of sleep deprivation. There has been tears, days of loneliness and self doubt, times when our marriage has been tested like never before but also moments of unrivalled joy purpose and strength. 

For 2019, we await a safe arrival for our little one. It's a blessing to be growing new life but boy is it tiring at times. I've had moments of fatigue like never before and have felt bigger, slower and more mentally drained this time but it has also flown by with my attentions being focused on the Little Inspiration and a house renovation. 

So different to last time, I have no idea what week we're on most of the time, or what size fruit baby is, I have barely taken any pictures of my growing bump or documented much of this pregnancy at all, but that does not mean that it is not every bit as precious to me as my first pregnancy. 

Wishing love, health, wealth and happiness for our family and yours in 2019. What are your wishes and goals for 2019?

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