What to expect at 24 weeks pregnant: diary update

We really wanted to get away from it all before our lives are turned completely upside down in the best possible way and so we booked a baby moon whilst I'm still okay to fly.

We're so excited to be parents but there are changes ahead that feel a little scary, like the fact that these are our last months being a twosome and soon we'll be sharing each other with our amazing little bundle. We can't wait to become three but we will miss having each other's undivided attention for a while  so we booked a baby moon in Lanzarote to enjoy each other's company and get some relaxation in.

Life has thrown a lot of stress at us recently and although we had reservations about going away, it ended up being utterly blissful and I'll be writing a longer post on the resort where we stayed and what we got up to but for now here is how my pregnancy is going so far...

How far along: 24 weeks

Days to go: 112
The bump: my bump became so much more defined this last week and it is now very obvious that I'm pregnant and have not just put on some timber.
Weight changes: 14 pounds since I got pregnant and apparently I can expect 1-2 pounds a week from here on in.
Stretch marks? Nope but my skin does sometimes feel itchy and tight so I'm religiously using cocoa butter and coconut oil twice daily.
Cravings: Still loving the ice pops and being able to indulge in ice cream all holiday was awesome!
Sleep: I tend to sleep in phases now with at least one or two wakeful times in the night

Symptoms: the heartburn struggle is real and I get quite breathless even walking at a fairly moderate pace.
Best moment this week: Taking our little bump on holiday and having time with my lovely other half, the Carnivore
Worst moment this week: Coming back from our holiday and immediately finding out my little house bunny was poorly and then losing him that night. I still feel so sad about it all and can't believe I won't see his little face around the house any more. 
Miss anything? Being able to enjoy some Rioja with our Spanish tapas. Meals out just aren't the same without the wine.

Movement: Some lovely rolls and kicks but as soon as I tell the Carnivore to feel the kicks the baby stops

Gender: We may have started buying stuff other than white, grey and neutral colours
Belly button in/out: In .
Wedding Rings on/off: On
Mood: Hormones are funny things when pregnant and I sometimes have moments of extreme hilarity followed by feeling sorrowful. I have found losing my lovely house bunny really tough to deal with and the pregnancy hormones have made it only harder.
Looking forward to: Showing off the bump in some of my first maternity outfits...

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