Why you must visit Revelstoke on your Canada Road Trip...

We had a long old drive from Whistler which was beautiful but boy was it tiring and by the time we arrived in Revelstoke at our lovely Air BnB we were cream crackered.

Luckily it had a kitchen and a washing machine - essentials for long road trips - and so we stuck a wash on and set to work on the essentials that we'd picked up at the grocery store on route.

After glamping and campfires, we were quite excited about the prospect of a TV and a bed and so absolutely nothing was going to stand between us and a night in front the box.

It went by in a bit of a heavenly non-event stylee and our eyelids grew heavy. The next morning we woke to sunlight streaming through the windows and we leapt out of bed eager to see what Revelstoke was about.

Our lovely host explained that black bears and grizzlies were common in the neighbourhood and warned us to keep our wits about us. Apparently they have neighbourhood bear that makes an appearance in their fruit tree regularly.

We wandered into town which was a minute walk away and stumbled across a farmers market in full swing. We perused the delights, getting tempted by fresh juice stands and handcrafted wooden chopping boards.
We had heard great things about a pub called The Village Idiot so we trotted there to grab some lunch. We loved this place, with  quirky decor and imaginative menus. We really felt like we'd landed in a mountain ski resort with skis and snow shoes adorning the walls and could imagine it being very lively in peak ski season.

The herbivore (me) had the Alice in Wonderland burger and the Carnivore went for the The Village Idiot burger, all washed down with a nice pint of lager.

Refuelled we were keen to see what the neighbourhood offered so we took a walk past the weatherboarded houses that felt so distinctly North American. They all had the covered verandah with rocking chairs pitched up outside and the trees lining the street were the most stunning autumnal colours. It was like something out of a movie and I imagined drinking iced tea on the porch on a hot sunny day.

We walked and walked until we found ourselves outside of the familiar streets and in dense countryside. A heavy duty foot bridge ahead gave way to the river below, running fast and flowing. The late autumn sun shone down creating a lovely warmth so we decided to stay a while and play skimming stones. I've never been able to master the knack of it so the Carnivore tried to teach me but found my attempts hilarious. After much effort I managed a double skim and I decided to quit whilst I was ahead.

As we ambled pack towards civilisation, a family came tootling by on their bikes, dad racing ahead with their teenage son, followed by 3 little ones and mum on her bike complete with wicker basket. It looked very idyllic indeed.

We also noted a mooshed up pile of berries on the trail indicating a bear had been there very recently and had brought up his lunch, Nice. We beat a swift retreat in case he was still around keeping a beady eye on us.

As dusk descended and after a relax in the hot tub on the porch, we freshened up and headed out for dinner. Our hostess has mentioned 112 restaurant and grill was the best restaurant in town and was heading there herself that evening but I was in the mood for a curry and dragged the Carnivore away from steaks and to Paramijit on the high street. It was small but bright inside but unfortunately my curry wasn't quite what I'd hoped, being a bit watery and having zero spice but the Carnivore said he enjoyed his.

After a cocktail or two in The Village Idiot, we were tuckered out and ready for our beds and made our weary way back to our Air BnB.

The next day we stopped by the Revelstoke Mountain Coaster which is an absolute must if you're in the area. It literally is a rollercoaster that pelts from the top of the 2000 foot mountain to the bottom in a twisty, turny swoosh.

It is different to any coaster I've ever been on as the carts are only big enough for one person at a time and you can control your own speed with a lever in front of you - so you can go as fast or as slow as you like, as long as you're not holding anyone up behind you, that is! Needless to say, the Carnivore and I didn't need any encouragement and raced down the mountain with loud whoops and cheers.

It was all over so quick and we both wanted to do it again straight away but at around $25 per person, we decided to go for a gondola ride and a hike instead. I'm now on the look out for other mountain coasters around the world that we can try in the future. There were restaurants and hikes in the area making it good for a day out but it all seemed very new still and can only improve I think.

Have you stayed in Air BnB before? Do you like the home away from home vibe or prefer a polished hotel when you travel?


  1. The Village Idiot is a brilliant name for a pub.

    1. So true. It made me think more places should use this name...


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