White Rabbit Chocolatier & Cafe Review - Beverley

I was very excited when I received a special invitation to visit White Rabbit Chocolatier and Café in Beverley to try their new chocolate lunch. What could be better, at any time but especially when pregnant at Easter, than being in a chocolate emporium?
I’ve long been a fan of the chocolate here since the shop opened many years ago but until recently you had to get your fix in the form of a chocolatey takeaway. Now, though, the owners have opened a café on site and it is the cutest.
It occupies a quiet corner on Dyer Lane, a minute’s stroll from Saturday Market, and inside it has a magical Alice in Wonderland vibe. Beverley has a long association with the white rabbit in Lewis Caroll’s novel and is said to be the place where inspiration struck for the story. I’ve written about it here before.
The décor inside is full of whimsical touches that, as you can imagine, made my heart sing. The white rabbit himself graces every corner of the café and there are beautiful Alice in Wonderland illustrations on the walls.

I took my lovely mum with me for lunch, as we were long overdue a catch up. We were seated in the café near the window so we could watch eager shoppers buzzing by.
We were given a small but perfectly formed menu and asked for our drinks order. I went for a Posh Pop, which was a sort of cherryade flavour (yum) and my mum had the most delicious tea. It was apple and mint with little rose buds inside and we both thought it was seriously refreshing.

I had visions of a chocolate lunch being three courses of gooey indulgence but thankfully (or not if you have a very sweet tooth) it does provide a savoury option.

There is a choice of three bruschettas to start – I ordered the Feta Cream with Confit Tomatoes, which came with a chocolate vinaigrette drizzled moorishly on top. My mum had the Smoked Makeral Pate with Cress Salad, also drizzled with the chocolate vinaigrette.

We were a bit intrigued about the vinaigrette but rest assured, when it arrived it was absolutely delicious and so subtle. Both of our bruschettas were lovely and was just enough to whet our appetite for the main event.

We caught up on recent goings on and spoke about baby things I’ve bought recently, with my mum getting increasingly excited about little outfits she’s seen. At that a group of customers came in who had booked the chocolate lunch also and a nice hum of chit chatter emanated around the shop.

Next thing we knew the main event had arrived and we gasped at the yummy looking chocolate fondue that had been placed in front of us. Bubbling away in a cute little fondue pot, lit by a tea light, was the richest, most decadent looking pot of molten milk chocolate.

I was ready to pick the whole thing up and drink it down but then a tray of various goodies arrived for us to dip in the fondue. Everything from orange slices, grapes to fudge freshly made in the shop that day. We had half rum and raisin and half clotted cream. Fluffy clouds of pink and white marshmellow finished the plate.
I took the first bite and couldn’t help but ooooh and ahhhh over the gooey chocolate treat. Far from being sickly sweet, it was incredibly moorish. I don’t know how they make their chocolate but it didn’t have that too sweet edge that some varieties can have.

We took our time over the sweet course and it was surprisingly filling. Soon we’d run out of treats but there was still some fondue, so I may have had a little dip of my teaspoon (sssshhh).
Behind us a family had come in for a refreshing ice cream and I felt secretly envious that I was too full to follow their lead. They took a seat in a shady little corner on the terrace, as the kids licked their lips with delight.
Ed, one of the owners of the shop, said it was still early days for the café and that there was more to come in the future but, from what I could see, it was already the perfect whimsical escape. I even heard that they are starting chocolate making workshops so I may not have to wait long to find out the delicious secret recipe.

After we’d trawled the shop for Easter goodies and presents, all bearing the infamous white rabbit namesake, we made our way out into the spring sunshine. I know we’ll be back soon, not least because I’ve got my eye on those yummy ice creams!

Have you tried a chocolate lunch? The chocoholics in your life would love an Easter visit here.

In  loving memory of my own little white rabbit, who I still can't believe we sadly lost very recently. You will always be in my heart my beautiful Easter bunny – sweet dreams. xx


  1. My goodness that looks INCREDIBLE! (I'd have drunk the chocolate fondue).

    1. I was very tempted indeed. It was the yummiest chocolate too - not too sickly and I bet is delicious as a hot choccie drink.


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