HB March Meet: Hull Bloggers

One of the things I love the most about blogging is the community and the fact you can meet such lovely, creative folk with so much collective wisdom.

There were fashion & beauty bloggers, those who had built a blog around their business, lifestyle bloggers and many more besides and I had lovely chats with Jennie, Jenny, Mars and many others. It just showed me that whatever your interest, there is a blog out there for you or for you to create. It’s all about finding your tribe and I really enjoyed learning more about other people’s worlds.
We arrived at Al Porto and got to work getting to know each other, which instantly broke the ice and put everyone at ease.

There was a little quiz to help keep the conversation flowing and my question was what do you do when you’re not blogging? Everyone was stuck on this because most of us talk about what we love doing in our spare time on our blogs but we eventually found some common themes.
Our pets came up in the conversation a fair bit which is always a good way to find common ground. I talked about my little monsters, the tortoise and the hare (well, house rabbit), Henry and Tink, although they have a multitude of nicknames beside this!
Before we knew it our meal had arrived and it looked absolutely yummy. The herbivore (me) had the fresh, spring vegetable frittata with a herb salad. The carnivores (others) had ordered Al Forno Pasta and Sausage and Mash, which all looked equally as nice.
After our meal I had a little wander around the restaurant and was amazed to stumble on the most British looking corner ever known in an Italian restaurant. I don’t think anyone else even knew it was there so I took some snaps and made my way back to the group.
Soon it was time for the goody bags to be given out and my goodness, they were overflowing with some lovely things.
The Lushcombe drinks and Portlebay popcorn barely lasted a day, as they were just too yummy. My favourites were the ginger beer and maple syrup and bacon popcorn (I checked and the bacon was just flavouring happily).
Later on at home I emptied the contents onto the floor and was giddy with excitement about all of the lovely beauty products.
My favourites which I have been using consistently since then have been the Golden Tease Crazy Angel Tan which doesn’t have that nasty pong you usually get with fake tan. Just before I went to India I used it for a week and I had a lovely, even, natural tan, so I’ll definitely keep using this.
I also loved the Argan Oil Morrocan Rose shower gel, which has such a unique scent and lasts on the skin for ages, which is rare to find.
My other go to product for the last few weeks has been the Studio 101 eyebrow pencil in blonde. I sometimes have my eyebrows tinted to give them more definition but this little pencil has been doing a grand job. It also has a highlighter pencil on the other side, so you can add shape to the underside of your brow and open up your eyes.

Finally I’ve been loving using my new Stigu journal, which has some lovely little tips every few pages to give you pause for thought or help you decide what to write about.
I’m still working my way through the other products so I’ll review them when I have some more favourites.
All in all it was a fab event and lovely day catching up with friends and meeting other bloggers. I can’t wait to see all these ladies again at future events.

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