Hair Spa at Unique Salon

I'm a big fan of spas and general pampering, often being known to snuffle out relaxing treatments wherever I am in the world, such as Ayuverdic Indian head massages, mud facials and I've even had a hot lava shell massage before now.

I find doing this keeps me feeling healthy and balanced which isn't always easy with a hectic life. I know that it's important to take care of your skin and try to invest in a good regime with quality products, apart from when I'm tired and just use face wipes. Please don't judge me!
But when it comes to my hair I'm about as low maintenance as it comes, choosing to snooze ten minutes longer and do a quick wash and go, often going out with my hair still wringing wet. Again, please don't judge me! When I was invited to try the ‘hair spa’ at Unique Salon Beverley to launch the new Wella SP range, I  thought it sounded interesting and I'm always up for pampering, but to be honest, I was skeptical that I'd come away, like I have in the past from other salons, feeling a little underwhelmed and without the big bouncy hair of my dreams. 
When I arrived I was greeted warmly by my stylist John and seated in a bright fresh waiting area with squishy sofas. I was offered the refreshment menu which had a yummy range of teas, coffees, wine and beer. It started to dawn on me that this was a different experience to the norm and felt much more boutique and high end. 
Sat cradling my peppermint tea and biccie John sat down and explained that much like when you have a facial, the Wella SP hair spa uses a prescriptive approach to find the best products for your hair and lifestyle. The stylist uses an online tool that matches your hair to your own special blend of products. Much like a specialist skincare routine, the benefit is in the layering of the products, which makes sense. We do it all the time when we cleanse, tone and moisturise but don't always apply the same logic to our hair. 
John ran through some questions about the condition of my hair and how I cared for my it (cue pink cheeks about my wash and go lifestyle and pretty much bi-annual visits to the hairdresser). It was very thorough and left me feeling I was in good hands but it also felt nice getting to know my stylist a bit, like we were just two friends having a chat over a cuppa. 

I commented that it's not obvious from the outside that the salon looks so contemporary and welcoming, as despite having walked past often, I've never been able to see in that well because the floor is raised from the street. But I also quite liked feeling cocooned and hidden from the world outside, unlike the goldfish bowl effect you can sometimes get in other salons. John explained that it was designed that way, because who does want to be seen with rollers in their hair anyway?! We all ideally want people to think it's the way we woke up, so seeing Sally from work when you're sat under a dryer will not do! 

After the short consultation I was led into the hair spa and what ensued was the most luxurious, decadent wash, condition, and head massage I've ever had. John used a volumising hair mask that felt like a mousse, crackling and fizzing on my scalp. Normally you'd be in and out of the wash basin in a flash but Unique make it an experience. The spa is in a separate space shielded from the salon. The lighting is low and there is a big mural of a beautiful natural landscape to look at. Your chair elevates your legs so they're not dangling limply to the floor and then it begins...the wonderfully relaxing wash and massage that leaves you feeling blissed out. Ten minutes out of your crazy, hectic, stressful life to just be you – not super employee, mum, wife or student. Bliss. 

Afterwards, feeling very relaxed, we went back to the spacious salon and I was asked if I wanted another refreshment whilst John got to work on my barnet. After combing it through and applying some Resconstructive Elixir to repair the effects of frequent sun and sea, he set to work blow drying it. I struggle to get volume in my hair despite there being a lot of it, as it's very fine and soft, so I requested a bouncy blow dry with texture and some big beachy waves, which John definitely achieved. 

I was pleasantly surprised how light and bouncy my hair felt after the treatment and couldn't help but swish it around. It lasted for a few days too and a different type of hair could probably get longer out of it (lucky things). 

All in all I loved the hair spa and to be honest I'd go back just for that lovely experience but I was also very impressed with the volume I got from the products.

Unique are the only salon in East Yorkshire to offer the Wella SP treatment. Some of the products are available to buy but others are only for use by the salon, including the gorgeous volumising mousse used during my head massage, so that's all the more reason for me to go back. Is next week too soon?!

Are you lucky enough to have voluminous locks or do you need a little help too? Or do you need help taming the frizz or travel ravaged hair? 

*this is a collaborative post but all views are my own.


  1. This sounds like an amazing experience so I'm really glad you not only tried it, but also documented it!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

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