A Lakeside Folly Feast: Folly Lake Cafe

When you go down to the woods today you're sure to get a big surprise, as not many folks know about this secret place, where, in the middle of countryside and trees but not far from civilisation, a little wooden hut sits in a proud position overlooking a lake. Fisherman sit huddled against the cold, eagerly hoping for the prize catch. Then you spot it! Out amongst the trees lies a folly with promises of hidden secrets.

The great hall it was part of burned to the ground in the 1700’s but the folly remains. A folly is a costly, ornate but small building that people built for no other purpose than for fun, really. I've talked before about my love of ruins, as it really captures my imagination. They often look Gothic in nature and I can just imagine in days of old, maidens running through the woods and spending afternoons talking in hushed tones about their crushes and rebelling against their governesses.
                                                                          Image: LivingHull
Step through the door and you're greeted by a warm and cosy cafe...
Cakes spill from the counter in abundance in every flavour and variety imaginable. Gluten free? You got it. Green tea cake? Yup. The big gooey, filthy kind of cake that is 3 feet deep in icing? Yessiree! 

The tea is hot and served in cute teapots and the food is hearty and homemade. Good old egg and chips, with buttery bread on the side, being a personal favourite.

The furniture is shabby chic and mismatched which adds to the country charm of this place. I can often while away an afternoon chatting, reading the papers and gazing out over the lake.

In the summer there are walks aplenty around the Folly Lake Cafe and a lovely wooden veranda where you can feel the warm breeze drift across your face with a glass of wine or cup of tea in hand. It’s even pooch friendly so your favourite four legged friend can come with you.
The Folly Lake cafe is a lovely option if you're looking for something to do for Mothers Day and your nearest and dearest will thank you for it.
Where is your favourite cafe or beauty spot to do some daydreaming? What are your favourite English comfort foods for a chilly day?


  1. Great to learn this place is dog friendly as I've been considering a visit! Thanks for the info :-)

  2. I always see the most gorgeous doggies trotting around. There's even a resident dog that keeps an eye on things occasionally! :)

  3. Love this post - this looks like such a beautiful spot! Great find! Don't you just love an old place, hidden away that brings history to life?

    xx, Caitlin

  4. Thanks for stopping by Caitlin. It really is a lovely spot to ponder life and demolish a lot of cake. :0 I know it's a bit geeky but I love history and imagining the people that would have roamed around in the olden days. Haha. xx


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