Travelling in Style with Wolf & Maiden

One of the things I love about travelling is finding homeware and fashion that you just wouldn’t see in your home country. The chance to buy something beautiful, locally crafted and with a story behind it, that few other people will have in the UK, is just too much temptation. For this reason I’ve invested in a few key pieces from my travels to Iceland, America and Thailand, among others.

The only problem is often not having the room in my suitcase for more and my interest has not led to me shipping things back...yet! My recent trip to South Africa was no different and led to me discovering and coveting a million and one items that I would have loved to own or distribute back in the UK. From tactile textiles to creative crockery, the attention to crafts and heritage out there was amazing and led me to spot some stunning pieces, all housed in cool industrial warehouses packed with locally crafted items. What can I say, I’m a design addict!

Then it happened, I fell in love at first sight. Like a love affair, it haunted me when I closed my eyes, it made my heart swell with desire and I couldn’t imagine life without it. Even the name Wolf & Maiden appealed to my love of nature, whimsy and folklore.

Wolf and Maiden specialise in crafted heritage leather goods, including cool, rustic bags and accessories. These pieces are so tactile that you could spend an hour just feeling the quality of the leather, the coolness of the clasps and admiring the hand stitched hem of each item. Reassuringly solid and well crafted, you know that these pieces are built by master craftsmen to last and they look good. I’m excited to see how these products age, as the rich distressed leather will only soften and improve with some weathering and battering, I think.

With names like the Steve McQueen, Niele Adams and Paul Newman, the products have that vintage, rebellious and cool vibe that tells a story that you want to be part of. I bought the Niele Adam’s as it’s a bag that can be a chameleon – smart enough to be a handbag, big enough to hold my essentials for a night away when my heart decides it wants to go wandering at a moment’s notice  and versatile enough to hold my laptop/ tablet, phone and other work related paraphernalia. It’s like a satchel (which I love) but way cooler and far more luxurious.
I’ve already got my eyes on the iPad case and the ‘weekender’ bag for when my travels take me a little further for a little longer. 
There isn't currently a stockist for this brand here in the UK, although I hope that changes very soon but there are European stockists elsewhere and you can order through the website. Just be aware of those pesky import charges.

What accessories do you like to travel with? Do you like to bring things back from your travels? I'd love to hear about the most unusual thing you've found and brought back.

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