Food: The 10 minute tasty recipe using something all mum's have in the freezer

The search continues for quick nutritious teas continues without resorting to the same tried and tested recipes. I would love to get a meal subscription but for now it's not in our plans so I have to plan all of our meals. 

Sometimes the best teas are the easiest and quickest, and this one falls into that category. Whilst cooking up a batch of fish fingers and vegetable fingers for quick sandwiches on a busy evening, the suggestion of whipping up some mexican rice and a chilli and yoghurt dressing and toasting them in wraps, transformed a drab tea into a tasty spicy burrito.

It had the perfect mixture of crunch from the batter, spice from the chilli,  texture from the rice which made it extra filling and coolness from the yoghurt dressing. 

It was so tasty and delicious and I could have eaten several more. I'm sure it will be on the list as a firm favourite in future.

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