Lifestyle: How I am improving my life in 2022 and how it could improve yours too....

Happy belated new year lovelies! I haven't made onto here for a while, mainly because I really needed a break before Christmas. 

The craziness of Girl Inspiration starting school and Boy Inspiration starting nursery, settling them in and the ensuing relentless winter bugs left us all exhausted. Then the stress of not wanting anyone to spend Christmas alone, after we sadly lost my father in law last year, and Covid closing in, plus the usual magic making for the little ones, meant I was feeling pretty busy and burnt out.

I took a break over Christmas and realised how much I seem to have become solely focused on Instagram the last year or two. I think it has to be the most frustrating platform I have ever worked on, and that has kept me stuck focusing on it (well played Metaverse!). On the plus side I do enjoy the visual element of Instagram and the community but I realised how much I miss writing here more regularly. Do you use instagram or prefer other platforms?

I really want to re-prioritise my time so I'm showing up here more often and producing the content that makes me happy and that you seem to enjoy. As always I'd love to hear what more you want to see on here and I will try to bring it. I might try to get into Pinterest more as that seems to be just as visual but easier for posting content to for smaller creators.

The exciting news is I am going to be sending much more exclusive content to my subscribers that will inspire your life, travels, meals, family life and homes. Think of it as a little dose of inspiration straight to your inbox that will break you out of your rut. There's be quotes, affirmations, and tips to improve your well-being directly to you....a little bit of subtle life architecture, if you will.

There will still be lots of country lifestyle content, parenthood and well-being, cottage renovations and interiors, plus more travel and adventure as we spend more time rediscovering our passion, and seasonal recipes. Basically more of the same but with some more added inspiration for country life with children. Things that I observe and use with my own little ones to educate them about the world around us and encourage mindfulness within my family.

I've been busy reading and studying around psychology and counselling practices, as well as coaching, spirituality and mindfulness to to bring my experiences to you and help improve our well being during what has been and continues to be a very tumultuous time.

I'm going to commit to writing on here more often and my exclusive content to my lovely subscribers, will aim to inspire you. A mixture of activities to try, foods to forage and nature to observe, short poems, places to visit and stories. Sign up is to the right so do it now before you forget! If I get enough new subscribers I'll get it set up and underway this week. I need more motivation to write more often again and you can help with that by taking a minute to sign up.

In other news, after the stress, Christmas eve and day was the most magical one yet. Both kids absolutely understood everything this year and were so excited to see Father Christmas. Being woken by Girl Inspiration running into our room bouncing on the bed and shouting 'he's been mummy, come look at my stocking' and then knocking on her little brothers door to wake him with excited shrieks of 'come look, quick quick' will stay with me for a life time. Oh my heart. I LOVE being a mummy and work so hard to create a lovely life for my family and moments like that make it all worth the tiredness.

So anyway, tell me how was your Christmas and New Year? So many were isolating and unfortunately post Christmas it came knocking on our door too. I do hope you managed to find moments of joy in among the madness. The last few years have taught me that there is rarely such a thing as a long period of complete harmony, but within each day, week, season, there are pure moments of joy and I will take those in my heart to see my through the hardships.

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