Lifestyle: Christmas Gift Guide for Little Ones

It's that festive time of the year again (how fast did that go?) and the time that parents up and down the land (mainly mum's in my personal experience) are limbering up to bring the magic to their little ones.

The pressure to find the perfect gifts, create magical memories and organise the most important meal and day of the year is real. So hopefully my festive gift guide for the little ones in your life might help take some of the load off. 

These are all some of the things we have and have played with regularly for a long time, or that are on our Christmas wish list for Santa this year.

This dolls house is so cute and is played with most days in our house by biggest and smallest. I have just added smaller accessories as they have gotten that little bit older.

These cute Magicubes by Geomag World are just the thing for little kids all the way to the big kids in your life. They are addictive, I can tell you from experience. Our 2 year old and 4 year old equally loved seeing what combinations they could come up with and they are so open ended and creative that the grown ups spent a lot of time playing with these too. I can see us adding more blocks to our set.

I just adore this Little Dutch City Block set and can imagine the hours of fun that could be had building a small world play space. 

We have had these Lanka Kade animals since the Little Inspiration was a few months old and they never go out of style. The kids as they get a bit bigger still play with them in new and old ways. The oldest likes to stack them, creating precarious tumble down towers and we play farms with the youngest.

Train sets are a staple and get played with all of the time in our house, so much so that this year we've gone big and invested in a Brio set. You can also pick them up preloved on Facebook Marketplace for a fraction meaning you can add to the set as the years go on.

Our dressing up corner is expanding all of the time and the kids get a lot of fun out of pretending to be doctors, fire fighters and knights. The Melissa and Doug sets are such good quality and last the test of time.
Our toy kitchen which I've mentioned on here before gets played with every day and we add things to it all of the time. This year a set of scales will be joining our smoothie maker, toaster and tea set;
We bought the natural coloured luggy earlier this year and it's been used as a shopping basket, general transporter of toys and all things in between. I would love to get them one each so stop the squabbles.
Our little set of ice creams and shop have given us hours of imaginary play so I've decided to expand our play by buying this Melissa and Doug ice cream counter. I'm hoping this is as much loved as I think it will be.
This trike is a vintage dream. The Little Inspiration got a vintage shopper bike last year but this year we've put this on the Santa list for our littlest.

There are various smaller gifts and stocking fillers I'll be adding so if you'd like to see those let me know and I'll post this week.

Or how about something different with tickets to a musical 

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