Interiors: 5 easy ways to style your home for autumn

The days are turning crisper and the heatwaves are seemingly over, which means its time to embrace snuggle season. There are certainly advantages to the nights drawing in and its the perfect excuse to hunker down and focus on home.

But as we spend more time in our homes, we may feel more dissatisfied with how they look and find faults that we could ignore when we were out of the house more.

The good news is, anyone and any home can embrace the autumn season and add cosiness to help get that hygge feeling.

Here are the top 5 ways to invite autumn home:

- Light zoning - never underestimate the power of lighting in a home to be able to hide a multitude of sins and invite a certain cosyness. As well as your main and task lighting, having some floor or table lamps dotted around can layer up and provide a dimmer light. Its perfect for autumn nights and winter days.

=- Candles and diffusers - scent is the other way to add an autumnal touch to your home and is sure to conjour up thoughts of cosy days and nights. It doesn't have to be in the obvious way, such as pumpkin spice, but just adding deeper, woodier and smoky notes as opposed to florals and citrus, really sets the tones for autumn.

- Blankets and throws - as the temperature drops, I love nothing more than adding layers and textures using blankets and throws. Curling up under a blanket in the evening adds a certain comfort that you can't have in the summer. It's also nice to add to faux furs to benches, stools and leather chairs, to make it that bit more snuggly.

- Foliage and flowers - we tend to think of summer being the flower season and the time for having fresh flora in our homes, but autumn bears some beautiful and colourful foliage and flowers that add something really special to a home. You can go a lot bigger with foliage and make a stunning table centrepiece or an arrangement in a stone urn on the mantel piece. Mix up textures for a richer display.

- Decoration - flowers and foliage are not the only way to add some autumnal style to the home. You can also make a display out of natures bounty. Pumpkins styled at the side of the fire, a set of 3 gourds on the table and pinecones and conkers make subtle but cosy touches around the home. Plus apparently conkers ward of spiders!

What is your favourite way to add a bit of autumn styling to your life?

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