Food: Family Meal Plan - 23 March

So since last time I did a meal plan little one had his allergy testing for egg and dairy, after showing signs of allergy from birth. It took 2 years!! to get him tested with various delays and covid but we now know that he doesn't have the IGe type, where there is an immediate reaction.

That's not to say he doesn't have an allergy or intolerance but it is hopefully not severe, at least from what the tests show. 

We know from slip ups there is a definite correlation between unsettled nights, discomfort and tummy troubles when he has dairy or egg so we now have to start the process of introducing him to it very, very slowly.

I can't say I'm excited about it in one sense, as the nights are still quite unsettled anyway, so anything that guarantees worse sleep is a meh from me. However, it is a ball ache having to take into account dairy and egg when the rest of us have it in various meals. 

Although we're possibly the most varied family in dietry requirements anyway, with me being vegetarian, a carnivore in the midst, a fussy toddler and an allergy baby. Anything that opens up meal times and makes life easier is a win with me.

Anyway, here are some of the family meals I have planned for the week coming up so feel free to take some inspiraion but I'd love it if you would pass some my way too in the comments below.

Sausage and apple casserole is happening but I'm not sure whether to take this as a spanish, tomato dish with paprika or more of a traditional gravy with horseradish. Anyway, either way it will be delish. The Carnivore now tolerates using Linda McCartney veggie sausages which means I can do it all in one big baking tray. You could even add in roast carrots and parsnips, if you wanted. If I make it more tomato based it will have some spices, puree and chopped tomatoes, in a big casserole dish.

Goats cheese and asparagus tart - as mentioned above the littlest can't have cheese so I will do 2/3 for us with cheese and just leave the cheese of for him. I use Jusrol ready puff pastry to make it quick and easy. I fry off the asparagus first in a bit of butter to ensure it's nice and moist. Serve with salad or wedges, if you've got a big appetite.

Ceasar salad - i know some people cannot stand the idea of salad for dinner but I personally love it. The kids will have elements of it deconstructed, like the chicken, a bit of salad on the side and probably with some pitta breads to dip in sauce. I like to add tinned chickpeas to my salads for extra texture and bite. I also toast my own croutons in the grill, and add veggie bacon to mine for flavour. 

Spanish fritatta - the kids will have fish fingers or something as neither can have (or like) egg. But I love a good spanish tortilla. The secret is to fry off a whole brown onion until its really sweet and caramelised. Parboil new potatoes (or cheat with tinned ones that are precooked) and slice them finely. I use 6 eggs and lots of seasoning and it makes a good size frittata, so that I can have some for leftovers the next day.

Prawn/ tofu jamabalya - this ia a lush rice dish that works well for the whole family. I can chuck any combo of beans or pulses into this really and it works. Just like a risotto, you've got to stand with it and keep it moving but it's fine when you've got a bit more time. It has a really smoky spanish flavour. Serve with a wedge of lemon and some crusty bread. I will sometimes substitute the rice for cauliflower rice if I want it to be lower carb.

Egg and chips - growing up double egg and chips was a real staple of every household but maybe that was a Yorkshire thing?! Anyway, sometimes you can't beat how quick and simple it is. The kids will have leftovers from another night.

Falafel and crudites - you can either buy premade falafels, a packet mix, or if you're feeling flush with time, make your own. It's basically chicpeas and spices but they are so darn tasty. We add loads of crudites like cucumber, pepper and carrot, a whole tub of hummus, pitta breads and cous cous to make it a meal.

Fajitas - always a favourite in our house and we all love taking a bit dollop and putting it inside a wrap. I like to add lentils and sometimes beans to ours to bulk it out, as well as peppers and possibly chicken/ quorn. 

Tandoori - this dish is so tasty and easy to do in the oven using one baking tray. Cut up sweet potatoes, onion, cauliflower, brocolli and lots of tikka masalla paste and any meat or alternative you want. Serve with a dollop of yoghurt and naan bread.

So go enjoy some good nosh! Not long and we'll be eating out at our favourite restaurants and cafes again. How are we all feeling about lockdown easing?

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