Interiors: How to add a bit of sparkle to a toddler girl bedroom

When I found out I was having my baby girl, I dreamed of the beautiful girly room I would create for her and all of the gorgeous clothes I would buy. 

I knew I wanted her bedroom to have a whimsical and floral theme to it but I didn't want to go for an all pink palace completely. Instead I wanted to add accents of colour but go for a fairly neutral base. 

My top tips for styling a toddler girl's room is to first consider things like; 

- colour palette - what sort of colours do you like? Warm, cool, something that will grow with them or something cutsie.

- Will you use wallpaper, or paint, or both. Or even panelling, which is having a moment right now and can look lovely in traditional houses.

- what furniture will you choose? Classic pieces or are you happy to replace as they get bigger. You can get pieces in so many colours now but I'd recommend buying wood and painting it, so you can change it in future, or sticking to classic white. You can pick up bargain pine wardrobes and drawers on Facebook marketplace.

- What accent colour will compliment the walls and furniture? You can then introduce this in soft furnishings like curtains and blinds, bedding and accessories. I would stick to the rule of three when picking colours, one main and two complimentary accent colours. Often colours either similar to, or a complete opposite on the colour wheel work well.

- Add in soft toys, and pictures that are age appropriate as these can be easily changed over time. Consider which toys, clothes and books can be put on display, as these look lovely in a prominent place and then put the plastic toys away out of sight in good toy storage.

I chose a Laura Ashley wallpaper as an accent wall, which is duck egg blue and yellow flowers and kept the other walls neutral, painted in Dulux Egyptian Cotton. 

I then chose classic furniture, like a shaker wardrobe and Ikea Hemnes drawers and Kallax storage in soff white. Those will grow with her as she gets older and never really date.

I really follow the Montessori principle of raising toddlers, where you encourage independence to avoid frustration, so I chose a floor bed for the first move out of her cot. I had no worries about falling out of bed and it allowed her to move around her room and play in a morning.

I chose a Scandi style house bed and styled it as a four poster, with dried flowers and voiles, to give it a whimsical feel.

I then added some dusky pink accessories in the bedding and toys, along with pretty pink tutu and a wall full of favourite things. Including the Ikea Flisat dolls house with pastel dolls furniture and a peg rail for hanging accessories.

This pretty glittery pink jumper and pink tutu outfit is from H&M kids and looks perfect hung up next to bunting and these gorgeous sparkly stars from Little Cloud House.

Again following the Montessori principle I wanted her to have full access to her books so they are on Ikea rack shelves all the way to the floor and a few of our favourites, including the Little People, Big Dreams books, are on display on the feature wall.

We got given some beautiful crocheted and cuddly soft toys when the Little Inspiration was born, so these are displayed as well.

I think it's lovely when you can add pretty bits to toddler rooms over time and I can see us adding so many beautiful things as she gets bigger.

How would you add some sparkle to a toddler girl's room?

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