Food: Family Meal plan w/c 19th October


I'm really keen to get on top of healthier meals and being less reactive, as that makes meal times stressful for us. Although the grown ups would happily eat after 7, the kids need to eat at 5 or there are hanger strikes. 

As I mentioned last week, we have various dietry requirements, vegetarian, dairy and egg free, meat lover and fussy toddler, so finding meals for us to have is tough. But I'm about to make it harder by trying to go low carb or Keto if I can.

I'm not going to make it a big deal, as I have a feeling we will revert to a good ol favourite of pasta still and I don't always have the energy or willpower to resist. I will try to cut it down, though and maybe have the odd cheat in the week.

So these are the meals I'm planning this week and hoping they'll be crowd pleasers:

Monday - First up, we've got a Pumpkin Laksa curry, as its autumn and hey, whatya gonna do?! I think the kids will enjoy this as it'll be slightly sweet, like butternut squash, and even though I'm going with a packet Laksa sauce from Tesco (sssshhh), I  may tell them it came from the pumpkins we've bought for decorating around the house. I can add chicken for the Carnivore, and me and the kids could have chickpeas for a veggie protein option.

Tuesday - Next I'm going with a staple in our house of five bean chilli which has loads of protein from the beans, and I usually add a tin of green lentils to up the filling factor. I make up my own spice mix and am fairly freestyle, but things like chilli powder, turmeric, paprika and cumin feature heavily. I will make a huge vat of this and have it across a couple of meals, or for lunches the next day.

Wednesday - A Deliciously Ella recipe of Miso Aubergine Stew is going on the list, as I didn't end up making this last week. I'm hoping I can disguise the aubergine in the stew, and it'll be a nice rich Japanese flavour. You need miso paste, coconut milk and nut butter but everything else is store cupboard essentials. I'm not sure what I'll put with it but it'll probably be rice. To make it more Keto friendly, I may have Quinoa as the grain to go with it although the Carnivore doesn't really like it. 

Thursday - Gorgonzola and Fig pastry (without cheese for baby)- I always try to do some sort of tart or pastry warmer each week, as it's filling and everyone likes it. I would have to add some tomato pureee and peppers for baby's version. The Carnivore will want some kind of carb with it, so I would probably add new potatoes and a big salad.

Friday - We've still got loads of broad beans in the freezer that we grew on the allotment so I'll be making burgers from them by mixing in some breadcrumbs, egg (or aquafaber from chickpeas as an alternative) and lots of seasoning. I'm planning to serve with homemade wedges and salad (no bun for me). I'll also make a mint yoghurt sauce using a dairy free option.

Saturday - Rice cooker risotto, because I don't have time to stand and stir it and it tastes just as good in the rice cooker. I still use my trusty Jamie at Home cooker, adding onion, garlic, vegetable stock, arborrio rice, and peas and sweetcorn. I then add wine and cheese to the grown up portion when we've fed the kids.

Sunday - We may have a fish and chip or patty and chip takeaway or pub roast to give us a day off from cooking. 

It's not completely Keto but by using sweet potato and quinoa as an alternative, and avoiding the bread etc, it will be slightly healthier for me than usual. 

I would love some more ideas for low carb, veggie/ vegan food that still has flavour and bite. I miss textures if I live off too many soups, stews and curries. 

Drop me a line below...

Happy Monday!

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