What to expect with a newborn baby

After the first crazy few weeks of learning to be a mummy and falling in love with our newborn, things started to settle a bit and we tried to find a new normal. Everyone was back at work, I was on my own, and I started to look at getting out and about with my new bundle...

I found out what the Fourth Trimester is and oh my little one definitely needed lots of snuggles.

My Body

I started exercising again 8 weeks postpartum ,just once a week at an UsMum's class where you can take little one with you but also walking every day with the pram or babywearing. I was doing the odd bit of exercise at home too. I needed it for my mind as well as my body. I was a bit of a gym bunny before I got pregnant and I missed the endorphins from vigorous exercise. I felt like I'd mainly recovered from the birth, but I knew my body was still healing and didn't want to over do it. I was so keen to drop the extra weight and tone up but knew it would be a long road.

I was not prepared for how hungry breastfeeding would make me in those first 6 months, and any benefits from the exercise were soon replaced with calories from the food I was eating. Not having time to prepare healthy meals was hard and I did grab food with one hand most days.

I eventually found I was fitting back into some of my old clothes, but nowhere near all of them, and bought a few new things to tide me over. I was glad to get out of maternity clothes and feel semi normal.

My mood

Sure I felt tired in those early months, exhausted in fact, but mostly I was so consumed with learning to look after my little Inspiration and feeling slightly overwhelmed with all of the feeding, changing, rocking, napping etc, that I didn't have time to think much about me. Being able to feed and shower was the highlight of my day and made a huge difference to my mood. We also went out in the fresh air with the pram at least once a day but usually twice, which woke me up no end. We also started to establish a few play dates, not too many but seeing people a few times a week gave me some much needed company.


We didn't worry too much about routine in the early months as baby was leading the way and I was happy about that. Nap times happened when we were on the move, although I did keep an eye on the clock to make sure she wasn't awake longer than a newborn should be. I also tried to keep some sort of night time routine, starting bath and a calming story. However, colic put paid to that and so evenings were typically a bit frought while one of us paced the house and the other quickly gobbled some food before we swapped places. The Milkivore slept next to us downstairs on the sofa for the first 10 weeks before we decided she would sleep better in her next to me crib with the baby monitor on. I'd then creep into bed next to her in time for the dream feed.


After we tried swaddling and white noise, sleep got a bit better and the Milkivore slept in her next to me crib. It was the frequent waking for feeds that was quite tough but at least we were able to sleep without her on our chest. We still slept in separate rooms for a while, just so we each could get some good quality sleep but mainly it was on me as I was breastfeeding. Oh the times I'd wake up for the eleventy billionth time and think I could cheerfully murder my peacefully sleeping hubby. Sleeping in separate rooms a few nights a week actually made it easier for me as I couldn't see him and feel envious.


Our girl was a bit of a snacker and so fed pretty much every two hours round the clock. As all new mums will understand I had doubts about whether breastfeeding was enough but luckily I had lots of advice and support on hand from Danielle, our Daisy teacher. Breastfeeding is so misunderstood and our bodies can keep producing milk to our babies demand.

I did find it tiring it all being on me so I was expressing to allow others to give her a bottle and me a break occasionally. Being able to leave the house on my own on an evening again felt very liberating.

Playing and development 

As the crazy first month gave way to more predictability we started to really engage and play. Pulling faces, peekaboo and helping her feel the materials on the jungle gym being a few things. As she approached a few months old she was batting her toys and trying to reach for them. We did lots of nice eye tracking activities by moving rattles just above head level and then down to the ground, as well as side to side.

We also started a baby play group from 6 weeks old, called Daisy Tinies. I had done Daisy Birthing with Danielle and I swear the littlest Inspiration recognised her voice right away. Although getting out of the house in those early weeks and months was hard at times, it was the best thing for us both. It was a small, supportive group of mums and babies all the same age. We sang and there were sensory activities for the wee ones. Having a weekly thing we went to helped give the Milkivore so much confidence and seeing her develop over the months and come to adore the songs was magical.


The amount of growing that happens in those first months is astounding. You start to see those slightly vacant eyes become deep pools of knowing, following your every move. The Milkivore seemed to grow long in the first weeks before eventually filling out, which every new mum will understand the anxiety over whether they are getting enough milk, but I think that was just her way. She has followed along her curve on the 25th centile since birth but has always been in the 75th for height.

Adapting to being parents

There is no doubt that having a baby changes your relationship. You watch in amazement as your hubby cradles that tiny baby close, marveling at how caring and gentle they are, even at 3 in the morning after a night of no sleep. You admire their strength when your reserves are down and you feel you can't be strong any longer.

You miss their closeness and the times it was just you and them sometimes. When you had so much time. Glorious time. To wrap yourselves around each other and shut out the world. To chat late into the night about random things of no consequence and make each other laugh. To be silly together, to dream together and not spend precious time catching up on jobs.

But more than anything, it cements your relationship like nothing else as you both fall deeper in love with this little bundle that you both made. 

There is no normal when it comes to life with a newborn but it's good to hear how different experiences can be. Always remember you are not alone...

How was your first months with your newborn baby?

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