What to buy for baby's first Christmas

I am ridiculously excited about Florence's first Christmas and have already lined up films for us to watch and bought a wooden railways set for her, despite the fact she is 3 years too young for it. It gives you an excuse to me a kid again when you have a baby and I'm looking forward to seeing it through her eyes. All the twinkly lights, Christmas carols and spicy smells are bound to pique her interest.

It's hard to plan Christmas presents for a baby under 6 months because they won't understand the concept or be able to excitedly tear open the paper but I still want to get her a few lovely things to put under the tree. I won't be going mad but here are a few things that will definitely make it onto the list.

Something to read:

I was such a bookworm growing up and found so much magic in stories. I want my baby girl to have the same love of stories so we're starting her early with her own personalised book of Fairytales from Find Me a Gift. I'd be proud to display this on my book shelves as it looks great and as Florence gets older, she'll get a kick out of seeing her name hidden among the beautiful illustrations.

Something to wear:

As cheesy as it may be I'm super excited about upholding our Xmas family tradition of getting new pyjamas on Xmas eve and what could be better as a new family of three than wearing some awesome matching ones from Pat Pat. Our little bear cub would look super cute in these.

Something to play with:

I could have chosen a million options for toys here but this Infantimo play teepee that grows with baby from 0-2 years old, first as a jungle gym and then as a little den, is just perfect for our littlies nursery. Not only does it look good so that I wouldn't mind leaving it on show, it will continue to be loved for a long time to come.

I also love the Lamaze sensory toys for babies and this lovely Freddie Firefly toy has so much to keep little ones interested.

Something needed:

Although it's not a present for baby as such, mum and baby get so much out of it that a Lifft sling is on my Xmas gift guide list for babies. Especially when they are under 6 months, baby loves nothing more than being close to mummy and mum gets her hands free, which believe me is enough of a gift in itself in the early days.

Something to listen to:

Florence loves music which she gets from both sides of our family and has her favourite nursery rhymes already. Despite working on expanding her musical horizons with the likes of Little Mix, Royal Blood and Nirvana, I have been singing Wheels and on the Bus and Old MacDonald on repeat in recent weeks. I would love to get her this musical toy so that she can listen to her favourite songs and it will save my voice (and sanity!)

So this is as far as I have gotten with ideas for Christmas and haven't even given a thought to the adults yet.

I'm also on the look out for special keepsakes like baby's first Christmas decorations and lovely little stocking fillers to put in her stocking. I'd love to hear your recommendations for tried and loved prezzies for babies.

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