Babywearing: why every first time mum needs to know about it

When I found out I was expecting I couldn't wait to start buying baby stuff but didnt want to fall into the first time mum trap of acquiring BCIDN (baby crap I don't need!).

I figured going to a baby trade show might shed some light on what was innovative and necessary to survive first time motherhood without incurring BCIDN. 

I found a few products which just made sense to have but probably fitted into the nice to have category but still made my life easier (more on those later) but then I found Lifft slings and it became a none negotiable. 
I hadn't even heard of baby wearing before but wondered how I would manage to blog or, more importantly, feed myself, with a baby in my arms. I loved the range of colours and the material felt reassuringly good quality. It turns out the product is handmade in my home county of East Yorkshire too and so it ticked my buying local box too.
Fast forward several months and baby Florence had made her appearance. I suddenly realised what was meant by the 4th trimester and a Velcro baby, as I could barely do anything without her in my arms. Making a drink, forget it, having a wee, no, tidying up, nah. 

The first time I went to put my stretchy on I had to remind myself how to do it and have to admit I felt a bit daunted by the one long piece of material but after getting some help the first time, I very quickly got fast and efficient at putting it on. Amazing what you can do when your baby is screaming to be picked up.
It became a life saver when I was home alone after the Carnivore returned to work and I had no help. It became like a second skin I'd shrug on in the morning and pop my little poppet into it. I felt like a rocking badass marsupial mama. 

The weeks have sped by and as they've gone on, Flossie has become happier to have a bit of independent time to play or give me 10 minutes for a cuppa but we still have wonder weeks and growth spurts that bring on super clingy behaviour and so on goes my sling.
I find it insanely useful when we go out if baby tires of the pram or just wants to be close. Or when you go to a big public place and you just want them close to you so randoms can't paw at your wee angel. Not to mention there is not a shop or terrain out of bounds when you baby wear. 

Friends have asked me what one item i couldnt be without and I think this is it. Believe me when you've not slept for 3 nights you need that hot cup of jo & good old walk through the countryside. There probably isn't a day that I don't use it at some point.
I've since discovered sling libraries where you can try all manner of carriers before you buy but in those early weeks you need to be armed and ready so I'd say just buy one and practice before baby arrives with a teddy bear or doll. 

We recently celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and booked into the swanky Pipe and Glass for a 3 course lunch. Wearing baby kept her nice and calm allowing us ample time to enjoy our scrummy lunch and it's been a life saver on our travels. 
Are you a fan of baby wearing? I'd love to hear your experiences with slings or carriers.

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