My top 5 independent shops to visit in Beverley...

When you pick a town to visit for the day or weekend, I generally look for a few things... good places to eat are essential, some nice sights to visit and it's also a bonus if there are some shops which offer a flavour of the town and offer something different to other places.

I love nothing more than to support local shops and bag something that not everyone can get from high street chains, especially stuff for my home, and I have to be honest homewares are a bit of an obsession for me. But, chuck in some nice handbags, scarves and shoes and I never complain.

Beverley offers a good mix of independent eateries and shops which seems to be getting better and better all the time, supported by some amazing nationals like Hotel Chocolat, Barbour, Jo Malone, Mint Velvet and some high street favourites like H&M, Debenhams and Outfit.

With that little lot there's plenty to occupy even the most hardened shopper for a full day. Chuck in a few tea and cake pit stops and there's your weekend.

Here are my top 5 picks for Beverley independent shops but I'd love to hear from you in the comments below if you've visited and can suggest any others.

When this shop opened I was over the moon as it's all cool, scandi style homewares that suit my home style completely, as well as a nice combo of gifts, toys for littlies and fashion accessories that are different to the norm. I've bought many a gift for friends from here and am always coveting something for my house. It gets bonus points for being pretty much next door to Filmore and Union so I can always pop in for my healthy juice fix or a yummy coffee when visiting.

Tyler and Black
Based in the Georgian Quarter which is an upcoming independent shopping area of Beverley, Tyler and Black is quirky shop of eccentricities. Whether it be large film set style lamps, pantone coffee cups or witty typography prints, there are enough things to warrant a good rummage around the shop and you're guaranteed to come away with something unique. They also have an awesome range of cards for every occasion, some emblazoned with Beverley's own cheeky Westwood Pasture cows, which gives it a nice local feel.

The Modern Draper

Sometimes men get the raw end of the deal with independent shopping and there's never quite as much choice as there is for women but when we visit somewhere I love to spend time finding nice new threads for the Carnivore. I definitely am not the kind of person to hog the shopping experience and actually enjoy looking for other people more (weird I know) but it's nice to see him looking all handsome in something new. Sorry for the soppiness. Anyhooo, The Modern Draper is the newest entrant onto the Beverley shopping list and it offers something different to the other offerings in Beverley. It also caters a range of budgets, styles and is aimed a slightly younger audience.

Rags to Riches

Another newer entrant on the list but this time for the ladies. Again it's in the Georgian Quarter which I love just because there are some amazing houses, history and of course, the North Bar to gawp at. I feel like I've stepped back in time when I walk around there and there's soon to be a classy new 4* hotel in the hood. Rags to Riches offers some different fashion options and I've seen some beautiful vintage style dresses which are most definitely up my street.

Are you an independent shopper? Where do you love to idle away a few hours on retail therapy?

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