What to expect at Capilano Suspension Bridge - Vancouver

We woke stupidly early that morning from the jet lag after landing the previous day and especially with me still being on Croatia time. The house was quiet and not even our friend's baby was stirring. I crept out to the lounge to look out over the emerging dawn, slipping like a quiet mist through the trees. A pot of fresh coffee later and the house was waking.

Sophie, the gorgeous and daft as a brush pitbull, was at our heels and enjoying lots of fuss, by climbing up onto my lap. Shortie, Jazzie and Wolverine patrolled the house stopping by for occasional snuggles before snubbing us for more interesting endeavours, as cats often do.
That morning we were due to visit a very special place on the north shore of Vancouver and we couldn't wait to get going. Capilano suspension bridge and nature park is a Pinterest porn dream. The huge trees, which were starting to betray the changing of the seasons, hid a huge Indiana Jones style suspension bridge among them.
The heavy rain did nothing to dampen our spirits and it actually added to the atmosphere with a blanket of fog skimming the top of the trees. We donned our waterproofs and set off into the trees with adventure on our minds.
Peeking out from the tree canopy we caught our first glimpse of the bridge and a few minutes later tentatively took our first steps onto it. It creaked and wobbled adding to the Indiano Jones vibe but it's solid construction made us feel safe.
The red, golds and greens of the trees were beautiful and I pondered how it must feel so different with each season here. Our friends live 10 minutes from the park and as residents get in for free whenever they want, which must be amazing. I pondered how lovely it must be at Christmas time blanketed in snow and twinkling with fairy lights,
The rain had kept many people away so we shared the bridge with a few hardcore tourists but I bet in the summer this place is packed. Get there at 9am for opening or last thing before it closes to get the place practically to yourself.
After admiring the beautiful views over the trees and waterfalls in the valley below we continued across the bridge to reach the tree top walkways. Higher still than the suspension bridge it snakes up higher and higher showing off the natural beauty of the place.
Some of the trees in the rainforest are estimated to be thousands of years old and some are enormous redwood varieties that I wrapped my arms around but barely came close to enveloping. The various waterfalls, ponds and wildlife really make this place feel magical and it was every inch a storybook fairytale.
We stopped by the cafe for comforting hot chocolate and muffins for breakfast which were absolutely delicious and just the big hug we needed on such a chilly wet day.
Fueled up and ready to go we made our way to the cliff top walk which is another famous attraction of the park. Just don't look down if you're of a nervous persuasion, as it feels perilously high up but provides stunning views. 

There's even a glass walkway if you're feeling very brave. Just as we reached the summit, the clouds started to break and clear skies gave way to sunbeams that bounced off the trees, showing the fall colours in all of their glory.
Where is your favourite place to capture the beauty of Autumn? I'm yet to find anywhere quite as majestic as Canada at that time of year. 

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