Searching for the perfect coffee table wedding photo album

I have invested more time than I care to tell you looking for the ideal ways to display our beautiful wedding photographs and whilst I'd made good in roads with our gallery wall, including a cool over sized polaroid style canvas, but finding the perfect coffee table photo book had evaded me, until now!

People kept telling me that there was no way to get the hard backed photo albums unless you went through the photographers and spent £200-£300 or more. I'd searched high and low on the net for advice but could only find forums telling me to get a certain kind of specialist software but I'm not a mac user.
 I was getting dejected with my fruitless search so I gave up for a while until Cheerz came along and told me about their new range of hard backed photo albums.
I liked that they were highly customisable with a range of colours to choose from and different layouts and not only that but they weren't ridiculously expensive. In fact at around £35 I think it's crazy good value and I imagined us building up a library on our bookshelves of these brightly coloured albums, full of treasured memories as we go through life's journey.
It did take a while to sort through my photos and choose the ones I most wanted to put in the album. I learned the hard way that whilst you can upload up to 150 photos, if you do this, your prized images don't really get the space they need to shine.
After narrowing the selection slightly and choosing a layout which offered a bit of symmetry and balance to show our photos at their best, I chose to include the moto 'love and happiness' which I wore I close to my skin at our wedding, engraved on my silver bangles, which the Carnivore bought me as an engagement gift.

 I wasn't sure how good the quality of the album would be but when it arrived I was so impressed that that not only is the cover beautiful quality but the pages are a very thick card, which really helps your photos pop. They have that lovely touchable quality that makes people enjoy turning the pages.

The customisable layout allows you to have a double page spread for those special photos and travel landscapes that need a full page to themselves.

By no means am I saying I could do as good a job as a photographer in laying out a photo book but if you have the high resolution images on a disc, the Cheerz album wizard makes the process incredibly easy and I think they look incredible. Not only that but the packaging it comes in is gorgeous and it was a  real treat receiving this in the post and unwrapping it.
After we devoured it and relived every little moment, it now has pride of place on our book shelf but looks equally as good on our coffee table, if we have guests over who want to have a browse. It's the sort of book you'd be happy to show off and I'm so pleased with ours. I've already decided to make more photo books for the epic travel adventures we've had recently - our photos of our honeymoon on safari in South Africa and Mauritius are just begging to be done next.
If you want to have a go at making your own beautiful photobook, use THEINSP discount code at checkout to get £5 off  your first order. Let me know how you get on and send me some snaps of your own coffee table photobook. 

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