How to get amazing skin for your wedding

When I was planning my wedding one of the considerations in amongst the DIY, admin and pinterest decor hauls was how to ensure I was looking my best. Being a bit of a planner I wanted to start nice and early with stepping up my fitness routine and getting my skin, hair and nails looking glowing.

With 6 months to go I booked a thorough facial each month but after a chat with one of the therapists at Neals Yard, we decided we would also include some reflexology, head massage and whatever else was needed to keep the stress in check.
As well as this, I wanted to include a few essentials at home, and as beauty starts on the inside, this involved looking for supplements, lotions and potions that would help my skin glow.

I found starting my day with a wedge of lemon in hot water really beneficial for my skin, a daily vegetable smoothie for boosting my immune system and I also wish I'd found the 30 day coconut quench supplement from Regime before my wedding, as I tried it recently and have had some good early results.
Also ensuring you get enough sleep as a bride to be has to be one of the most important parts of looking your best but with all that adrenaline coursing around your body and so much planning to do, it can be one of the things that suffers.

To give yourself the best chance of some decent shut eye, make sure to:

- switch off devices, phones and laptops at least an hour before bedtime. I know it's tempting to stay on pinterest, email your wedding suppliers while you remember or look for great DIY blogs but it will not help you sleep as the blue light they emit tricks your body into thinking its day time so put it away.

- have a night off from wedmin at least once a week and go to yoga, do something fun and none wedding related or have a relaxing bath. Add some lovely products to your bath which will help you sleep and even drink a glass of milk which contains melatonin, a chemical known to induce sleepy feelings.

- If you've got busy mind syndrome like me, you'll need a little extra help sometimes in drowning our the to do list and one of the best apps I've found is Headspace, which has short, manageable meditations which help to quieten your frenzied thoughts and breathe a little deeper.

- I'm also just trialling installing blackout blinds to see if it makes a difference to my sleep. Normally when the light starts to creep in, especially in the summer, I'm up with the lark! Not good for a night owl like me. Stay tuned for the review but I'm currently using these blinds from Order Blinds which are also thermally insulated, which we need in the winter with our old farmhouse not having a winter jacket of its own!

Here is the rest of my lust list for all of the essentials you need to look your best on your wedding day:

Eyemask - Boux Avenue |  Coconut Quench - Regime   | This Works Sleep Pillow Spray | Beauty Sleep Concentrate - Neals Yard | Beauty Boost - Neals Yard | Breville Active Blend |

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