Why glamping is awesome for henfests: part II

I've gotten a little sidetracked with the wedding season posts because it's been such a busy, exciting but also stressful summer. Do you ever feel your best intentions are thwarted by life's plans? I hope it's not just me.

I'd started telling you all about my henfest weekend but never got round to posting part two so here it is. Excuse the grainy iphone snaps! After the previous days antics which you can read about here, I woke up ridiculously early feeling full of bride to be adrenaline. I pulled on wellies and my trusty yellow rain coat on top my fox pajamas, which made quite the fetching outfit, I can tell you.
Leaving the rest of the gang to snooze, I took in the slightly dewy morning, breathing in the country air and made friends with our neighbours, who were (quite literally) noisy cows!
I headed over to the communal area lovingly named the hobbit hut by our group, as it felt so cute and quaint in there. Putting a pot on to boil and a log on the fire, it was nice to just enjoy a few golden moments to myself before the madness ensued again.
Eventually I heard stirring from the other yurts and headed across the site in search of conversation and a few spare crumbs, as I could smell breakfast being cooked.

Some of the girls were taking advantage of the two person hot tubs, which each yurt came with, enjoying an early morning dip.
I had no idea what the day had in store but luckily it seemed relaxation was on the cards with a lazy morning in the hot tub, taking advantage of the cute steam hut and spending time with my favourites, Come lunch time people had got their second wind and so we cracked open a bottle of bubbly.
The afternoon passed with lots of laughter and story telling while the drinks flowed. The sun came out behind the clouds occasionally and lit up the rolling hills around us. Soon it was time to get ready to go out as we had a mini bus picking us up.
I donned my white midi skirt (white is a must for the hen, right?) a little bardot sailor top and the girls decorated me in a few choice pieces but insisted on nothing too tacky.
We arrived in Derby after about a 40 minute drive, playing a few games on the bus to pass the time. First port of call was to fill our tummies so we headed to Pizza Express where we made our lovely waitress an honorary member of the Henfest party and snaffled a lot of antipasti.
Tummies full to the brim we moved onto to some bars for cocktails. dancing to cheesy 80's tunes and eventually to a cool bar where we had a table reserved. They'd kindly left us some props to play with and so we created photobooth worthy selfies.
All too soon it was time to leave and we caught our mini bus back to the countryside. Not wanting the night to end too soon we all congregated in the hobbit hut, lit the fire and poured a Bailey's hot chocolate. We stayed up long into the early hours chatting and it suddenly hit me that this was all in aid of saying goodbye to singledom. Laid in bed a wave of excitement but also nerves dawned on me that soon everything would be different.
The noisy cows woke us the next morning and soon enough the generous breakfast hampers left for us were being eagerly tucked into.

After breakfast the girls told me to walk down to a secret gypsy caravan on the edge of the site where I found a therapist waiting to give me a full body massage and facial. It was such a nice way to start the day and lifted the fog of hangover. We each took our turns and came out rejuvenated from the weekend's antics.
After a soak in the hot tub and steam, I walked back to the hobbit hut to find the girls. Inside was the most beautiful cream tea buffet absolutely spilling over the table which my bestie had ordered in for us. There was everything your heart could desire from delicate sandwiches to large wedges of cake of all descriptions and a glass of bubbly each.
We raised our glasses in a toast to an amazing weekend and I said my thank yous to the girls for making it a special Henfest to remember. The next time we were all going to be together was the day of my wedding which made it all the more special.
I loved glamping for my hen weekend and it really was the best way to start the most romantic, fun and awesome summer of love. Have you been glamping before? Would you consider it for a hen do? 

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