Guest Post: Golowan Festival & Mazey Day in Cornwall

Welcome boho lovers. A bohemian storm is brewing and as part of a new Folklore Thursday project, this little space will host bloggers on a Thursday each month talking about quirky, bohemian, folkloric events, festivals and celebrations they have been to in the British Isles and around the world. Today we have the lovely Laura from The Enjoyable Rut. Enjoy!

Tell us a bit about yourself and  your blog.

I'm an outdoor, adventure and lifestyle blogger over at The Enjoyable Rut based in the glorious south-west of England. It's all about getting outside and enjoying the adventure - whether that's on wild escapes to the other side of the world, or simply cooking out at the bottom of the garden. It's all in what you make it!

What is the quirky/ bohemian & folkloric event you are writing about?

Golowan Festival/Mazey Day. Probably my favourite weekend and day of the year. Who needs Christmas?

Which village in the UK or around the world does the event take place in?

It's an annual festival down in Penzance, Cornwall. The Golowan Festival takes place over a whole week, and ends on Mazey Day and Quay Fair Day at the weekend.

How did you find out about it?

It's my hometown, and the one weekend a year I'll give up anything for (even Glastonbury Festival...)
When did it first start and what are its roots ie what is it to celebrate? Is there a fun historical basis to the event?

Golowan is the Cornish word for Midsummer and the first record of it in Penzance was in 1754! Traditionally, Golowan was celebrated with bonfires and flaming tar barrels carried through the streets, with fire-lit torches held on the highest beacons across the moors as a sort of relay; when the people on one tor could see the other, they could light theirs and so on.

Today, the Golowan Festival and Mazey Day, is a celebration of the arts, with music and processions through the streets with huge art installations carried through the town by schools and Mazey lovers!
What was your favourite bit of the event?

I'd be lying if I didn't say that the excuse for day drinking isn't a draw... but it's the community spirit and general happiness of Mazey! Everyone is always smiling, there's music tinkling through all the backstreets and alleyways and everyone is out in full force to have a darn good time!
What are your top tips for anyone else that would like to visit?

Leave your inhibitions at home, give yourself to the Mazey vibe; it gets pretty loose. Leave your car at home, there's nowhere to park!

Are there other events on your list to go to and if so, where in the country or world is it?

Any/all of them! There are so many it's impossible to list them all - I haven't even been to them all in Cornwall yet!
Wow, Golowan Festival and Mazey Day sound like so much fun and and I love the giant 'Day of the Dead' type puppets, Lauren is a rum-drinking and adventure-seeking travel blogger based in England's South West. A Cornish girl living in Devon, she's all about making the most out of life; it's all about finding the adventure in the mundane. Find her over at, on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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  1. This looks like a great event to go to. I'll have to keep my eye out for it next year.


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