Lost Village Festival Review: Part III

After a long leisurely breakfast and a stroll in the sunshine around beautiful, historic Lincoln, we were ready to get back to the party. If you haven't caught up on our Lost Village antics you can read here, here and here.
Walking into the festival, we knew exactly where we wanted to go first...the Lake of Tranquility. When I first started reading about this festival one of the amazing things that drew me to it was the relaxing, holistic activities all taking place overlooking a stunning lake.
People lay around in the long grass basking in the sun and recharging, getting ready for another day of partying. We grabbed a Grey Goose cocktail from the cute little stall and set up camp next to the airstream trailer, offering various beauty treatments and massages. What could be better to soothe away a weekend of hard revelling than having a massage overlooking a beautiful lake?
I tell you what is better... bathing in a wood fired hot tub and enjoying a cute, tiny wooden sauna, that's what. We wandered through the private and secure area, eager to see what lay beyond and found three steaming hot tubs. People were even having prosecco served directly to their tub. A.b.s.o.l.u.t.e heaven!
When you're pruned and wrinkly, a lovely comfy, mahoosive deck chair awaits you to help you cool off under the trees.
We left the hot tub area just in time to sample some of the other activities happening by the Lake of Tranquility. I'd been looking forward to trying the yoga sessions that ran several times daily over the weekend. I'd saved yoga for the sunday knowing that I wanted to return to the real world feeling happy, healthy and in tune with nature, which it certainly helped with.
Some people wanted a little more action and were trying archery at the other end of the lake but I was content just to watch.
Soon hunger pangs set in so it was time to start our food safari! We'd vowed that between us we would try all of the remaining food stalls before the end of the day. First on our list was the The Cheese Truck, which had the most amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. We shared a standard cheese and onion grill and we also tried the goats cheese, honey and walnut; both were lush!
Feeling suitably revived and chilled, we headed back into the party to find our tribe and found them in the Abandoned Chapel. The old school funky house tunes really got the crowd going and beautiful rays of sun peaked through the trees, making for a happy, blissed out vibe.
After a while my feet were hurting and so we headed off to the basecamp to kick off our shoes, skip through the grass barefoot and enjoy the sunshine. The vibe at this stage was a really nice change of tempo with a bit of pop and hip hop.
We sampled some lovely cocktails from the double decker bus bar but my favourite was the Ginger Syrup, which had rum, ginger, sugar syrup and lemon. Tart, sweet and delicious.
All of a sudden shrieks of laughter rang out loud and people ran around chasing each other with water bombs full of coloured paints. A full on colour war raged and it was so much fun to see. Friends, old and new, huddled together on freshly cut grass, taking selfies, hugging and reliving memories from an amazing weekend.
The sun, once high and proud in the sky, dipped below the trees and set the scene for a hazy evening.
After our earlier appetiser, we headed over to the Thai stall for a steaming pot of Pad Thai and although the portions were very small, it was yummy tasting.
Next on our list was to try some comedy, so into the big top we went. We flopped onto the hay bales as the second act got underway but things soon took a turn and before we knew it, it looked like fisty cuffs were starting between a heckler and the comedian. They went outside and never returned, which could have been part of the show but kind of killed the mood for us and so we went back outside for the next stop on our food safari.
The herbivore (me) went to Popdogs for a Hairy Angel and despite the weird name, this was a whole bunch of delicious! A vegetarian hot dog made from caerphilly cheese and leek, which oooozed deliciously after the first bite. It was soooo well seasoned and had a gorgeous hit of chilli jam to give it a bit of spice. I lurved this Popdog and need to track down the van again somewhere else.
The carnivore (him) took himself off to the BBQ stand for a beef brisket burger which he said was honestly one of the best he'd had. Sticky, juicy, meaty and tender, all wrapped in a freshly baked breadcake. It was gone within minutes so I believed him!
I'm not sure it's right to feel proud of total gluttony but we applauded our efforts to eat from all of the food stalls at Lost Village. We made our way back to the main stage to dance it all off, just as Jack Garratt made a grand entrance and it absolutely went off. He gave an amazing performance which rounded the whole weekend off.
Just as we were about to call it a night, the surreal characters whose stories interweaved and played out alongside the Lost Village revellers, paraded past in a long line. The characters made the experience by sharing in the good times, creating lasting memories, and telling stories of love and friendship. It was such an amazing way to end such a special festival experience.
I loved Lost Village, especially the surreal performers, the good vibes and the food but if you're not into dance music, you might find it a bit limiting. I was really hoping there'd be some nice sun down sessions with a more chilled out vibe and maybe even an acoustic tent but if it was there, I didn't come across it. I'd love to go again now I know a bit more about what to expect and there was much more to see that I just didn't have time for.

What are your favourite summer festivals? Have you been to Lost Village before?

*this is a collaborative post but as always, my views are honest and my own,


  1. Wonderful post and lovely photos. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  2. Thanks for saying so Linda - it really was a lot of fun. Lovely to cyber meet you. Montreal is a beautiful place. :)


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