What to see in Lincoln

The last day of any festival can go either one of two ways, you get your second wind and you really go for it, or you take a more chilled approach and seek out a more low key vibe. You haven't caught up on day one and two of the festival you can read here and here.

We woke that day ready to find food and relaxation, as well as a few chilled cocktails in the sun and we weren't disappointed. Before that we decided to head into Lincoln to pick up a few essentials, have some breakfast and enjoy a slight change of scene.
I've been to Lincoln a few times before but never spent any real time there and I was so pleasantly surprised by what we found. It helped that the sun shone down, with the light bouncing off the canal that meanders through the city. We wandered into a houseboat come tea room that was so ridiculously quaint but decided we needed something more substantial for breakfast than tea and toast.
Off we trotted down the cobbled streets, that winds in one long avenue up Steep Hill towards the awe inspiring double whammy of Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral.
We checked out a few menus en route, including an awesome waffle house, but we fancied a full breakfast and kept on trucking until we came across Cote Brasserie. The lovely Parisian feeling pavement cafe drew us in and we picked a lovely sunny spot to perch at. Our friendly waitress brought out a brunch and lunch menu to choose from but we knew just what to order.
The herbivore (me) ordered the Vegetarian Breakfast, which had vegetarian sausage, field mushroom, tomato, avocado, baby spinach and two poached eggs on sourdough toast with a side of Hollandaise sauce, which was a nice little twist on the English version.
The carnivore (him) had the full French Breakfast, which had two scrambled eggs, boudin noir (which is like black pudding), French streaky bacon and a field mushroom on toasted brioche.
They were both absolutely delicious breakfasts and came with a hot and cold drink each, which was good value. Feeling full to the brim, we settled up and set off for a slow amble through the streets.

As we reached Lincoln Castle, we noticed that the Poppy Exhibition was in town and popped over to take some photographs. Not quite as a large and grand as the one at Tower Bridge in London, but it was still beautiful and poignant to behold.
We then moved onto the Cathedral which was large and impressive, but the most beautiful thing was the utter peace and the light coming through the enormous stained glass window. Quite a change in pace from the Festival and we revelled in those few minutes of peace before feeling like we wanted to get back to the madness.
We headed back down the hill, admiring the historical buildings like the Magna Carta pub, the horse drawn cart giving squealing children a ride around the cobbles, and a beautiful wild bird display, where I met the most adorable baby owl.
We became firm friends and I could have spent all day stroking her soft feathers but the time had come to make a move and get lost all over again at the Lost Village.
Have you visited Lincoln? What is your favourite way to recover from a mad festival weekend?

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