Want to break your bad habits and achieve your goals?

We all sometimes feel like no sooner has February rolled around (or earlier...ahem) that we've given up our New Year's resolutions and those bad habits continue or we struggle to form fresh new, healthy goals. Whether it be getting more exercise or being more assertive at work. I tend to be of the view that goals can be started at any time,if there's good reason, so with that in mind, I'm deciding what's in with the new and out with the old! 

As a psychologist I find it really interesting to understand motivations and how to get the best from our individual personalities, so I've put together a short quiz (click here)to help me and you figure out how to get the best from ourselves. I've already done it and was surprised by my result.

I won't spoil the surprise for you but would love to hear what your result was and whether it's what you expected. Share it with friends and see what they get - it might be key to helping each other stick to your goals in 2016. 

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