How to plan a very vintage wedding

There are trends and accessories that come and go, such is the nature of fashion, and nowhere is this more prevalent than with weddings. These days you can see a myriad of different themes for weddings that have given couples the chance to personalise their special day and stamp their own personality on it.

This is particularly true of the vintage wedding, which has a nod to nostalgia and provides the ability to re-purpose items to give them a new lease of life and handily offers a cheaper way to decorate your wedding venue. My own recent wedding certainly had elements of this, with various bit of decor sourced from Ebay or made from scratch to have an older feel. This movement extends to fashion too and we wanted the groomsmen to have a country gent look with a nod to yesteryear. So when I was asked if I wanted to try out Monocle Madness’ new range of monocles, I said yes immediately.

As a vintage accessory, particularly at weddings, the pocket watch is now almost ubiquitous, with some lovely examples of hand me downs from grandparents or sourced from antiques dealers but I’ve not yet seen a monocle re-purposed and brought back to life. The statement a monocle makes, not to mention the usefulness of it, means that it is an ideal accessory for the modern groom and his groomsmen to wear. Heck, even a statement making bride might give one a go (and I did until it was taken off me by the next guest eager to try it).

The monocle certainly attracted a lot of attention at our wedding, with it becoming a major talking point over at our DIY cigar and cocktail bar. Before long it was being passed around our wedding guests with everyone keen to strike a pose with this relic of a bygone era that is making a come back. Not only did our country gents rock the look but our vintage gals rocked it too!

Yes it is a fun item that people can pose with but there is also a more serious side to the monocle, with it providing an easy, mobile and affordable solution to those who are a little harder up in the eye department these days and spend most of their time squinting at menus, departure boards or their phones.

The monocles come in a range of plain or prescription lenses, with Monocle Madness being a subsidiary of the eye care specialist FanFrames, so you know you’re in good hands.

The vintage fashion trend looks set to be around for a considerable time yet with austerity still being ‘in’ and the desire to showcase ones individuality wherever possible, so now is the time for the monocle to have its moment. It went down a storm at our wedding, making a unique statement, much like the pocket watch has and our vintage wedding party cut dashing figures with it, I’m sure you’ll agree. Long live the monocle I say!

*sponsored post but views are all my own.

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