My top TV interior inspiration - Sarah Beeney's Restoration Nightmare

For anyone that has been following the adventures of the Beeny family at East Yorkshire's Rise Hall, you'll know what I mean when I say I've been slightly coveting Sarah Beeny's lifestyle of late.
I've long admired her practical, hands-on approach to business and property development, but since watching the 'Restoration of Rise Hall', we've also gotten a glimpse of their family life, which, whilst hectic, also looks somewhat idyllic. Although, in all honesty, I was probably more envious when I saw they'd installed their own 'olde worlde' private pub in their Grade 11 listed manor!!

Whatever people's tastes, it's been hard not to be impressed by the renovations going on at Rise Hall and to take a little bit of 'home-decor' inspiration. Mine came from last weeks episode (24/11/11) when they were creating the bridal suite for their new wedding venue enterprise. The beautiful, Chinoiserie stencils which Sarah and Graham were seen laboriously hand-painting, looked amazingly antiquated and provides a spin on printed wallpaper, which has become a core trend in homes up and down Britain. Although, as my bf pointed out, 'It'd be a bugger to paint over'. Point well made that man over there! :-)

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