How to do Ladies Day at Beverley Races in style

Laurent Perrier Mercier Rose
In every aspiring socialite's diary there are certain events that are not to be missed but through various travel and work commitments, Ladies Day at Beverley Races has sadly been off my radar for a fair few years now.

Tapasya Hull Review

We go out to eat a lot, maybe one or twice a week minimum at the moment, so we've worked our way around quite a few eateries. Between my herbivore leanings and the Carnivore's expert opinion on all things meat, we make quite a kick ass food tasting duo. But, I stumbled upon a place recently that is really something and so I thought I should bring it to your attention toot suite!

Blog at the beach & 3 top tips for bloggers

A couple of months back I had the pleasure of being invited to Blog at the Beach with Icelolly Holidays who are somewhat heroic I think. Providing drool worthy holidays to hard working peeps is a pretty epic public service in my eyes.