Wedding DIY: How to make homemade blackboards

We loved doing bits of DIY for our wedding and then finding uses for them afterwards around the house. This homemade blackboard DIY was one of the easiest but one of the most useful projects and we loved customising our own blackboards so cheaply.

Split, Croatia - Part Un

A few months ago a very exciting thing happened indeed and I won a holiday from the lovely folks at Icelolly Holidays at their Blog at the Beach event, which you can catch up on here. Fast forward to September and Vicky from Eat Sleep Love Travel and I were giddy little kippers as it was time to pack up and hoy our behinds to Croatia.

Searching for the perfect coffee table wedding photo album

I have invested more time than I care to tell you looking for the ideal ways to display our beautiful wedding photographs and whilst I'd made good in roads with our gallery wall, including a cool over sized polaroid style canvas, but finding the perfect coffee table photo book had evaded me, until now!