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Forever on a quest to find and share new inspiration, we write a nature-inspired blog with a touch of whimsy. We feature articles about travel, good food, our lifestyle & products that we genuinely love. We are a wife and husband team, known affectionately as the Herbivore (her) and the Carnivore (him). 

The Herbivore is a bit bohemian and a bit girl geek, as a Consumer Psychologist and Freelance Writer by day and a storyteller by night. The Carnivore is a passionate cook and tech aficionado. We are lovers of country life in Yorkshire and can often be found on adventures near and far. We have recently welcomed our little Inspiration to the world and are navigating the crazy world of parenthood.

Experienced writers & marketers, we have worked with many exciting lifestyle, retail & leisure brands over the years. From Jamie Oliver homeware, to Coop Food UK and Visit Canada, these are just a few that align with our personal brand values.. 

We also write for Huffpost, Lonely Planet, Triphobo and My Bump to Baby.

We'd love to hear from you if you would like to work with us on any features or campaigns. You can reach us at theinspirationhighway@outlook.com. 



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