How to add natural Christmas sparkle to your home


I love this time of year for bringing a bit of extra sparkle to our homes, especially when its so dark and cold outside. Nothing can lift your mood more than seeing those twinkly lights and evergreen as you pass the houses down your street.

I always love to add greenery to the front of the house with a festive wreath, to cheer people up as they walk by, and whether you go faux or real, it really doesn;t matter. You can buy pretty much all different shapes and sizes these days, or if you're feeling creative, head out into the woods and use fallen branches and every green to make your own. 

If you don't have the tools or know- how for a circular wreath, a simple swag like the one below is very easy and effective. Just find a large branch of spruce and conifer, then add a smaller branch of evergreen, and then a few red berries and big red bow.

Last year due to covid lockdown, we all went a bit extra and really early too, but this year I've sensed a bit of exhaustion and inertia about Christmas. Unsurprisingly we're all a bit spent. But I will still be adding some festive sparkle to our house, for the children, for us, and to grasp every precious ounce of joy.

The next thing we love to add is warmth to our snug, where we cosy up in the evenings by the fire. The tree is the focal point of course, but I try not to over think the decorations. Whether homemade, store bought or a combination of sentimental ones, it all looks beautiful when the fairy lights shine. 

We have had real trees and faux in the past, and we've weighed up both options, and found that on balance the environmental and economic impact is less with a faux tree. Our previous one we had for 12 years! So we decided to invest in a really good quality pre-lit tree from The White Company to hopefully last us for years to come. It is so realistic looking that we're so happy we did. 

We will always love real trees and will still have a small potted one somewhere, as we love the experience of choosing a real one, but it's just whatever works for you.

We also love to hang out stockings we've bought for us and the kids over the years. These came from our travels to Iceland and Canada, as well as a small businesses on Etsy.

I often forage for greenery on walks with the family to add to our house. It smells great and is free, plus its so effective. This 'mini Christmas tree' is just a fallen brand. Combined with a few sprigs of artificial eucalyptus I keep around all year, even the hallway gets a glow-up.

If you want to add Christmas all over the house and it makes you happy, then by hanging stockings at the end of the bed and hanging a simple green wreath, it is easy to bring the festive vibe to your bedroom. Or simply adding faux fur throws and blankets, brings that nordic vibe without trying too hard.

Children's bedrooms look so cute with festive bedding and it's where a bit of tinsel can be a lot of fun.

I think it really brings festive cheer when you decorate the area you will be eating Christmas dinner in, and so we always do our kitchen, diner and family room with some garlands, wreaths and mini Christmas trees. 

How do you add sparkle to your home at Christmas time? I'd love to hear....

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