Lifestyle: A Blooming Lovely Day at Wolds Way Lavender


We have been loving the chance to get out and explore a few more places over the summer holidays. I'm still wary of going too far by myself with the kids but it's certainly getting easier to go further now they're getting a bit older. However, for all of our sakes I try to stay within an hours drive for our adventures.

Luckily, we have so much to see and do within an hours drive, with the North Yorkshire Moors, an abundance of market towns, streams, waterfalls, wolds and coast close by.

We visited Wolds Way Lavender the year it began, when we were child free newlyweds, but it was still very small, with just a basic cafe on site and fields of beautiful purple lavender. 

Now though it has grown to be a full family day out, with something for everyone and after hearing about it, I took the kids for a mini adventure to check it out.

Happily the fields of lavender were unspoilt and we were greeted by a visual feast and the most wonderful scent. There's also some beautiful ornamental gardens to enjoy at leisure right at the start of the trail and there are paths that guide you round the whole way. It is accessible for wheelchairs and prams.

This little pond with lily pads grabbed the kids attention and we were given a nature trail tick sheet to complete. 

Of course they were keen to get right to the kids bits and luckily the first little play park is not far away. The natural playground made of wood was right up our street and offered plenty of opportuities for imaginative play.

The kids love to play balancing games and monkey bars and there's a lot of open ended climbing frames to enjoy. It was fairly busy but never crowded as there are so many parts to enjoy outdoors.

                       Her little playsuit is from Mini Boden

There was even a real tractor to play on which little man loved. Then we spotted the sandpt and covered mud kitchen which they were so excited to play with. We spent ages digging and making sand pies.

All with the lovely backdrop of rolling countryside and lilac coloured flowers. We even waved to the little minature train which passed through the fields.

Soon it was time for litte man to have a nap so we decided to take a walk and explore the fields. The Little Inspiration had a great time whizzing up and down the rows of lavender.

Then we decided to throw down a blanket and enjoy our picnic. There is a cafe onsite but picnics also welcome.

And of course a post picnic little snuggle with my pickle. I have to grab these moments even more so these days as my girl is growing so fast and will be off to school before I know it.
I couldn't resist having a little moment smelling the gorgeous lavender. There's even a distillery on site where they make things out of the flowers, like lotions, food and even lavender ice cream!

Then little man woke up and off we went again in search of more fun for little ones and big kids at heart.

The willow maze and garden games were a big hit with the kids. We may have been lost in a maze but the many games like dominoes, jenga and noughts and crosses kept us entertained for ages. 

Eventually we found our way out of the maze and stumbled into another play area with a climbing wall, slide and den making.
We had most of these areas to ourselves as there's many opportunities to spread out and go different routes.

After making our 'cottages' for the three little bears we followed the woodland path around to finish our nature trail. There was a quiz to answer and little animals to spot the whole way along. There was also a special butterfly spotting quiz sheet to fill in.

Every now and then you pop out of the circular trail to find a new game. The foot pool was a big hit, as were the connect four.

We also really enjoyed the foot golf and even managed a few hole in ones along the way.

Before we knew it we were back were we started at the distillery and gift shop.

But we'd had such a lovely time and hours of fun in the fresh air, we were all exhausted.

All that was left to do was exercise my credit card.

Have you visited a lavender farm this summer? I'd love to hear where else they are so we can visit next summer.

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