Interiors: My home haul from Jack's Supermarket in Hull


I remember a time that homewares and supermarkets didn't go hand in hand but now everyone wants style at an affordable price, even better if it comes with convenience and you can pick some stuff up on the weekly food shop.

When Jack's Supermarket, part of the Tesco family, invited me to their launch to check out their new opening in Hull, I was excited to see how and why it would be different to my normal Tesco supermarket. 

It was such a bright sunny day when we set off to check out the store opening and we (as in me and my little man) spent a few minutes checking out the vibe before we headed in. It was busy and bustling but not too hectic thankfully. 

There was a cute little stall giving out free samples and a burger van offering free lunch for anyone that couldn't resist that delicious smell of caramelised onions. 

We went to grab a trolley to contain the toddler and a lovely couple gave us their trolley, as they could see I had my hands full. 

As we walked in the shop looked bright and welcoming and I was greeted by the first clue that this store was a different format to the usual Tesco, with the weekly Fresh Five. It follows the concept of a discount store and so it offers fresh grown fruit and vegetables for a lot less. Even better I was so happy to see a lot of it is British grown and produced, so it's supporting our local farmers. 

In fact if you have binge watched Clarkson's Farm like we have, you'll have a new appreciation for just how hard they have to work with the variations of the great British weather.

It was also reassuring to see that so much of the meat was not only 100% British but it also carries the red tractor mark of approval for quality, sustainability and ethics. Moat of our family is veggie or vegan but even the Carnivore is really careful about the quality of meat he eats so only the best will do.

Another big surprise compared to other discount stores were the brands, as it was 90% the same stuff I usually buy from Tesco and they had all of the speciality ranges that we need to feed our family with food intolerances and preferences. I normally have to visit other stores for my oat and almond milk so I was glad I could do a shop under one roof.

It also had so much fruit and veg and not just the awkward pre packed stuff where you're forced to buy 4 of something you only need 1 of. I know you hear me on that one!

The shop is bright, welcoming and unfussy, so this is clearly how so much discount is passed onto the shoppers, as it's a stripped back interior but there's room to manouvre easily without bumping into people and they've crammed a lot into this size store.

When Jack's asked me to pop down, they explained that they had a 'When it's Gone, it's Gone' aisle or WIGIG for short. I am obsessed with what is down the middle aisle of discount stores, as I know most of our nation are. Hello mum if you're reading this.

Do I always need what I buy? No! But can I live without it once I've seen it? No! Welcome to adult life. Haha.

I've scored some great bargains in the past from middle aisles and love to see what I can add to my home, especially outdoors with the weather being so good. Hello sunshine!

This little terracotta pot caught my eye giving off the perfect scandi rustic vibes and looks great styled up in my mediterranean dining area.

Also what would summer pizza parties be without a good quality speaker to listen to some tunes. This looks way more expensive than the £20 it was.

I also had a special birthday to shop for and was pleased to see so many toys and games for little ones. This unicorn tent would be adored by smalls.

Then I spotted these outdoor rugs in beautiful pastel colours and especially liked the mustard colour for our patio. Something about an outdoor rug really pulls an outdoor living space together and you can kick off your shoes and relax.

This outdoor activitiy table would also be a big hit with my kids and be played with for years to come.

The little one was sold and eagerly pointed towards his favourite looking toys, bless him.

There were also plenty of gifts for our wonderful teachers who have taught our children under possibly the most challenging circumstances ever. A time to show our gratitude if ever there was one.

Then these lounge sets brought me back to making the most of enjoying the first heatwave of the year and at such a good price too.

This gorgeous hammam style towel may have slipped into my trolley which I styled up on the new patio as a throw but will also be used as a beach towel.

Anyone for a dip?

After I picked up a few essentials for our mediterranean weekend at home, I added a few treats for the kids and at those prices why not?!

And a few for the grown ups... afterall, what is the mediterranean if not full of rich, full flavours. :-)

Followed by the pefect accompaniment to summer in the UK...strawberries and cream. Yummy.

Et voila. A sprinkling of fresh flowers, some yummy pizzas, some music, plus stylish table accessories and there you have the mediterranean in the UK.

I'll definitely be back to scout the middle aisle of dreams again soon....same time next Thursday Jack's?

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