Interiors: The best buys from Dunelm for your utility room

If you're anything like me, you'll spend a lot of time doing washing, getting stains out of baby clothes, drying clothes and then putting them away. There is a never ending pile of laundry around the house and given I spent a lot of time in our utility room I thought I'd buy a few bits to make my life easier and cheer it up a bit.

I've always loved Dunelm for their range of affordable home essentials, and so I shopped their latest range to get a utility haul of dreams.

I really wanted a range of brushes and tools to make my life easier when getting out stains. I'm fed up of using tatty scourers and sponges that aren't fit for purpose and I love the warm look of bamboo to soften an otherwise quite hard clinical room.

This small dish brush is great for working out small stains and a soft brush for cleaning dishes, this little tool is very versatile.

I also bought this bamboo brush for stubborn stains on floors, especially in the mud room. Its good for getting into grout and also cleans up muddy boots a treat by letting the mud dry and then giving it a a brush off.

Since getting two sets of bifold doors and floor to ceiling windows, you can say we have to spend a lot more time cleaning tiny, grubby finger prints. I've found using a shower squeegee on our windows and shower cleans them up a treat and makes them really shine. This one looks beautiful to boot.

Feather duster I don't know if its an old house thing or the tall vaulted ceilings but I'm constantly getting rid of cobwebs and usually use the hoover, But there are awkward corners, or sometimes I don't want to wake the baby, so I invested in a feather duster. I always find them really funny things (maybe it's a hangover from the naughties ann summers parties! :)) but its incredibly handy.

Our dustpan and brush gets a lot of use with having two toddlers dropping crumbs, so I wanted something that looked the business and matched my other bamboo bits. I love the brush, which does come in a bigger size which I had bought, but the dustpan is a bit meh, so I have hidden that. 

Dunelm do a great range of jars and containers, which every practical home needs. We needed some new tea, coffee and sugar canisters and the clear, ribbed jars caught my eye. I like to see what's inside and they are on trend with the ripple effect. 

I also bought a few bits for the kitchen, although they are useful they also add a decorative touch. We use our open plan kitchen and living space as a day room, so it gets a lot of use. I like to soften it with some attractive but useful touches and the Arts and Crafts range has the most lovely detailing and softest green.

Tea towels always get a lot of use and I have a fair few white ones, so these may become show towels. Don't say you've never done that before! I know it won't last long as someone will grab it and stain it eventually but I can live in hope.

I do a fair bit of baking with the kids and I wanted a new apron. This one has a fab print which feels very William Morris.

Also this oven mitt will come in handy rather than using two tea towels and burning our hands.

I have bought a few other bits for around the home so I'll pop those up next time and don't forget to follow over on Instagram where I post daily stories.

Do you like an organised utility or are you yet to be grabbed by Hinch fever?

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