Travel: Five wild secluded beaches to visit in East Yorkshire

The last year has been dominated about where we can (or really can't go), who we can see, and how we can stay sane, without endangering our fellow humans.

Especially those with children know that it is extremely difficult to not allow them space and sensory experiences, both physically but also spiritually.

One of the greatest challenges of the entire year has been feeling like I'm failing my children by them not having access to life and people as we have always known it.

Of course, being happy and healthy at home with their parents who adore them is most important, but I want my children to experience the world and the love that comes from being surrounded by extended family and friends.

In order to not feel like my babies are too limited, we have sought to find solutions that have meant we are entirely away from other people but also giving us space for enjoyment.

I need to mention this has been outside of tough national lockdown, so we have not travelled unnecessarily when not allowed.

Beaches are a fun place to go with young children year round, as long as everyone is wrapped up for the weather. Weather you take a flask of hot chocolate and bucket and spades, or go in summer with a beach towel and swimmers.

Even in wellies and waterproofs, few children don't enjoy rock pooling and coming home with treasures.

East Yorkshire is blessed with a number of beaches and we feel blessed to live so close to the coast and countryside.  So here are some of the beaches that you may not have heard of on the East Yorkshire coast and ideal for if you want to spread out a bit.

1) Barmston

Barmston was our absolute favourite over last summer and there's no wonder with its sandy beach, sandy dunes and how quiet it was. We had it to ourselves most times we visited, which became a weekly thing in the summer. Access was through a holiday park that was closed due to Covid, so facilities are very limited. There was a toilet but during major lockdown, it probably wouldnt be open. Take your own food and drink.

2) Fraisthorpe

We have visited Fraisthorpe before Covid times as it has the lovliest cafe on site and is popular with horse riders and dog walkers. However, the cafe is not open at the moment but they sometimes do offer takeaways. Since Covid, it has had some moments of being busy and we have turned around and gone elsewhere, but on a normal off peak season weekend it is easy to spread out. The car park is now payable but there are also a few more facilities.

3) Mappleton

There are two wide sweeping stretches of sand with lots of room to spread out. There are some huge towering cliffs which people often hug in tight to but be aware that due to coastal erosion, boulders can and do fall. so stay well away. Also due to the Humber being strategically important during the world wars, there is a sign saying there could be unexploded artillery. Before it puts you off, it is a very rare occurrence but worth noting. There is a cafe in the village and it can get busy but again, during off peak season, it is easy to park and spread out. If it looks busy, just drive on to one of the other beautiful coastal areas.

4) Ulrome

Ul-what you say? Funny name aside, this is the smallest of the beaches we visited but also the quietest. Its a bit tricky to find the access from the road where you park, but it is through the holiday park about 500 yards down that you'll reach a sandy path. It's a pebble beach but with some little sandy areas and absolutely ideal for wellie weather. There are no toilets or facilities whilst the holiday parks are closed, but usually you would find a small shop and cafe.

5) Wilsthorpe

A lovely sandy beach close to Bridlington and in a quaint medieval village, accessed by an easy sandy track. Its popular with dog walkers but also a clean beach suitable for playing with children. As with other quiet beaches in this area you won't find anything in the way of facilities so come prepared with whatever you need for a longer trip, or just go, and enjoy a short walk.

I hope there is something for everyone in here, ranging from the wild and windswept to the more catered for options, but it is certainly nice to visit some of the lesser known beach spots on the east coast.

How do you like your beaches? Wild and rugged, or managed with facilities?

S x

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