Lifestyle: 60 activity ideas for your reusable advent calendar

I really like the idea of a reusable advent calendar with other treats and activity ideas beside the chocolate one which we will also have. I want to make as many memories with my babies and having small activities we can do every day helps give me ideas of things to do with them.

I bought this sweet reusable calendar from Aldi this year but I have seen amazing ideas on Pinterest and plan to make one in future years.

Inspired by the lovely Lauren at Hunters and Heels, below are 60 activity ideas that I will choose from and put in each drawer so we can do nice things leading up to the big day.

The 1st day of December is writing letters to Santa and posting them. I can't wait to get a photo for our family scrapbook. 

The list is in no particular order:

Sleepover in Mummy & Daddy’s room tonight (Tipi, fairy lights and mattresses on the floor)

Let's make and decorate a box to take our donation to the food bank.

Make cranberry sauce for Christmas Day.

Let's decorate the Christmas Tree.

Write Letters to Santa.

Post our Letters To Santa.

Breakfast in bed this morning! 

It’s ‘Ice Cream Factory Night’! (Decorate your own ice cream for pudding with sauces, sweets, sprinkles, cream)

Family Cinema at home with hotdogs and treats.

Make Christmas cards for our neighbours.

Sort through your toys and donate any that you no longer play with to charity or church.

Do a big food shop for the food bank.

Paint some Christmas Pebbles to leave for other children to find on our next walk.

Decorate gingerbread cookies ( this is a great child friendly recipe. You can store the dough in the fridge for up to 2 weeks)

Family Board Games next to the tree

Make Christmas Dinner for the birds ( try this recipe )

Make Reindeer food ( try this recipe )

Decorate gingerbread house.

Eat pudding before our dinner tonight!

Build a blanket fort.

Make a voucher for a hug to give to someone we love.

Face time party with our friends tonight!

Take supplies to your local dog rescue shelter.

Make a picture scrapbook and decorate.

Make a paper chain garland for your bedroom.

Today is your nativity!

Christmas Movie night with popcorn and milkshakes.

Christmas Disco in the kitchen.

Let's go for hot chocolates after school.

Glow Sticks, music and bubbles in the bath tonight.

We’re going to drive around the village with some popcorn to see the Christmas lights.

We’re going to decorate your windows with chalk pen.

A winter picnic to watch the sun go down after school.

Let's make a popcorn garland.

There is a surprise for you under the tree/pillow/ in your school shoes this morning.

We’re having a Christmas Picnic in the living room for dinner tonight!

Decorating pine cones.

It’s fire pit and s’mores night tonight!

Pick n Mix after school today.

Stargazing with Hot chocolates and torches.

Let’s make a dried orange garland for grandma.

We’re making Christmas cards for your class friends today.

Bath Bombs tonight.

Visit the Christmas Tree Farm.

Lets go to the Garden Centre after school and you can choose a decoration.

Let's choose some toys we don’t play with and donate them to the hospital.

Let's give the postman his present this morning.

Make Your own pizza tonight.

We’re going to make thank you cards for your teachers.

Let’s make necklaces for Granny & Grandma today.

Salt Dough decorations.

We’ll wear our Christmas Jumpers to school/nursery today.

We’re going to the theatre.

Make Mince Pies & deliver to our neighbours.

Make and send Christmas cards to the care home.

You guys are cooking dinner tonight!

A walk with our friends today.

Let's give the bin collectors their present today.

Takeaway burgers for dinner.

It's Christmas Eve, there's something special for you under the tree!

Happy advent. I hope this brings you as many memories and as much joy as it will our little family.

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