Food: Family Meal Plan Ideas November 2nd

Here we go again, back on the meal planning train but now in lockdown again. Did anyone know that being a mum is 95% meal planning and cooking for everyone? Huh, me neither. At least takeaways are still possible, thank goodness.

I'm still trying to go low carb where possible but taking a big meat eater, carb loving husband along is not easy but here is what I'm planning this week:

Crisp cauliflower steaks with harissa, goats cheese: a take on steak and chips dinner and surprisingly filling when I've had similar things before. It's from the Green Roasting tin recipe book, so the idea is to bung it in a roasting tray and walk away. Ideal when I've got two littles around my feet. I may substitute the cauliflower with actual steak for the hubby but will see.

Super creamy turmeric pasta - this is a Deliciously Ella recipe from her new book and is a different take on the ever popular tomato or pesto pasta in this house. Turmeric is known for inflammatory properties. What I like about these recipes are that they are so packed full of flavour - the addition of miso paste, chilli flakes and cashews up the ante. 

Singapore noodles - This is from Joe Wicks lean in 15 book and is a take on a popular meal in this house. Stir fry and noodles always go down well. For the littles, I have to use rice noodles and not egg, due to baby's egg allergy, and they tend to prefer colourful veg rather than greens, but Quorn chicken, tofu or some fish are great proteins to add to it. This recipe uses chicken breast, which the carnivore likes. 

Thai curry - the Carnivore won me over with his take on a thai green curry. so its a regular in this house one because its delicious, but 2) because it gets me a night off cooking. Bonus! To be fair, hes a good cook and enjoys it, so I'm winning really. He tends to use prawns or chicken in his, and I have qyorn fillets or tofu. The little ones are a bit cautious with spice still at the moment so we make a very mild sweet curry separately for them and then blow our own socks off with chilli.

Pumpkin and butternut squash soup - soup tends to be more of a lunch for us than a hearty dinner but we could always turn this into a cassoulet with a grain like quinoa or pearl barley instead. We've got lots of leftover pumpkins from halloween and squash from the allotment to use. We'll probably add a touch of curry powder, coconut milk and lots of seasoning. Soup is the one time I can never turn down chunky bread.

Black bean burgers - sometimes its nice a to have a dirty fakeaway and these black bean burgers are quick, easy and tasty, but also healthy. With or without a bun, they work so well and if served with sweet potato wedges, or even just a big salad, they are surprisingly filling. 

Sweet potato and parsnip tagine with dates and coriander - we love a tagine in this house as its another one that can be put in a pot and cooked long and slow. Parsnips and sweet potato up the autumn factor in this meal and keeps everyone full. The addition of dates, lime juice and sea salt make it the perfect sweet, salty dish. 

Occasionally I'll sub a meal with fish fingers or beans, or even a takeaway once a week for us, but then I just roll the missed meal into the following week.

What are you cooking this week? Will lockdown affect your meal planning or do you cook at home most of the time anyway?

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