Lifestyle: When the world took a through the Covid-19 pandemic

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The world has watched over the weeks as Corona Virus has taken hold around the world and although we have known this was unfolding from when it started in China in January, when it landed on Italy's shores we knew it was a matter of time before it reached the UK. Despite watching the news and knowing what was coming, it hasn't lessened the blow at all.

We started socially distancing over two weeks ago when people were still not convinced this was a really big threat and that the measures taken in China and Italy wouldn't come to that here. Our families are in the vulnerable categories, we have babies in the house and it wasn't essential for us to keep going out and about. But now the big measures of grounding aeroplanes, school, pub, restaurant and cafe closures and self isolation have been announced and who knows how long for, it has become less of a choice and my freedom is suddenly feeling very threatened.

We are all doing this for the greater good and 'we are in it together' but there are some very complex feelings that go alongside this. It also is yet to translate in the supermarket aisles were people are panic buying and stocking up on essentials. Posting pictures of empty shop aisles only adds fuel to the fire and makes more people panic and on it goes.

I've been amazed, though, by how quickly people are adapting to this bizarre new situation. Turning playgroups into online classes to keep little ones grounded during this turbulent time, offers of help from volunteers for our most vulnerable and of course the great sacrifices all key workers are making to keep our amazing essential services ticking over while the rest of the world has to hit pause.

People are losing their jobs, businesses and livelihoods in an unprecedented way and the hospitality industry is going to new bail outs to survive this.

We're are trying to do our bit by staying strong and sharing positive news stories online to keep a semblance of normality but it shouldn't gloss over what is a very unique and strange time. People may be feeling fear, uncertainty, upset, anxiety, sadness, loneliness and I'm sure there will be many, many more feelings to deal with as we go on for who knows how long.

I want you to know that this is safe place to express emotions, whether they be the happy things you've noticed about people pulling together, or the small joys you maybe once took for granted, or the big, scary emotions that sometimes overwhelm you.

I'm still processing all of this myself and have been surprised how quickly the unthinkable has become the norm. People are talking about social distancing and self isolation like it has been around forever. Strange times indeed. None of us know at this point how things will unfold but positive news is coming from China and we have to hold onto the hope that normal order will be resumed at some point...but one thing is for sure that the world and people will likely never be the same again.

I'm feeling grateful for my little monkey's who are keeping me sane (but also driving me crazy as always) to help things feel some level of normal. I'm feeling all of things for those living alone, vulnerable, scared and cut off from their families. At this time I can't imagine not seeing my mum and brother for months on end but the one thing I've learned from living with anxiety is that we just need to live a day at a time.

Put one foot in front of the other. Let go of control to protect yourself and just focus on what is in your influence. Try to find the joy in the simple and every day. Breathe, and breathe deeply. Get out in nature. Notice the birds singing, spring blossoming, bunnies being born and the world still turning.

We can do this. I've already seen how adaptable people can be and businesses are finding new income streams in these challenging times and suggesting numerous ways to survive the period of isolation.

I will try to use this space to share useful things so please do let me know what you would like to see. I tend to post mainly on Instagram so do go there for more content which I regularly share from every corner of the internet.

Take care and stay safe
From my family to yours xxx

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