The unique Yorkshire Pudding recipe

There are some foods that are total game changers and then everyone wonders why they never knew about them before. When we made THIS dessert way back when we never expected to be onto something....

The Yorkie Pud wrap has become more popular lately with the most delicious roast dinner wrapped inside a giant Yorkshire pudding and no-one does it quite like The York Roast Co in the quaint old streets of York.

We popped our hungry heads in recently to see its newly revamped restaurant which to be honest, we never knew had seating. Downstairs is a takeaway and upstairs has a fresh and funky cafe style seating area. The food is a treat for both herbivores and carnivores alike, with a vegetarian option, as well as a range of meats to choose from.

We'd been invited along to give their new Choccypud Wrap a try and we were just a tad giddy that we didn't even eat all of our main course, just so there was room to eat the sweets.

I'm not sure if it was because we'd asked for the mains in a box so we could take what we couldn't eat away, but our Choccypud Yorkie Wrap came just plainly wrapped in paper. I had expected it to be on an icing sugar dusted plate so I could take some insta worthy photos but it was actually quite difficult to show you in a picture just how yummy it tasted...but it really was.

Crumbly Oreo biscuits, gooey fudge brownie and melty, oozy chocolate filled a fluffy light Yorkshire pudding. The Carnivore went for cream on his but I opted without. Of course we had to let the Little Inspiration feel part of it so gave her a little big of pud (hello sugar addiction) and the Milkivore enjoyed his choccypud flavoured mummy milk.

After we devoured our Choccypud Wrap, we each joked (but not really joking) that we could eat another one and even contemplated going back for a takeout later but decided that would be too glutinous.

We will definitely be back, not only for the Choccypud Wrap but also the range of other delicious savoury options.

If you're ever in York, look them up and try it for yourself. You can decide if its the best Yorkshire Pudding wrap in the world.

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