Bump to Baby Show York

The Bump to Baby Expo in York was a good excuse to take my beautiful family and new babe out for the day and see what new gadgets and clothes we could pick up for him, as well as meet some other parent bloggers. The goodie bag full of Kit and Kin, Childs Farm, Little Piccollo and other baby treats was a bonus too.

It got off to a good start when the Little Inspiration had a meltdown when I had to leave her to meet the other press folks and then the Milkivore decided he was hungry and wanted a marathon breastfeed followed by a full poonami up to his neck.

Aside from that we had a lovely day out! The Little Inspiration played in the toddler activity tent, where we found the lovely lady from Tiny Talks, and joined a chorus of Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. We did our best to browse stalls together but ended up with the Carnivore chasing the Little Inspiration and the Milkivore and I taking things at a slower pace as he snoozed in my Lifft sling. Funnily enough I'd previously met Alex from Lifft Slings at the show two years before when I was newly pregnant with the Little Inspiration.

I met some great new brands like Pink and Blue - the Amazon for baby stuff, Daisy and P Handmade with their lush handmade frilly rompers, an ethical nursery brand, hypnobirthing specialists and also listening to Honest Mum talk was a major highlight. Her talk about getting through PND and finding herself again through blogging was inspirational.

I even scored a neck and shoulder rub from the team there which was sorely needed. Sore being the operative word. The masseuse could not get over how tight my shoulders and neck were.

I'm so glad I found these shows when I was pregnant the first time and the trade discounts are not to be sniffed at. I got a great deal on my travel system at one of these shows and found products to help make my life easier, like my Lifft sling and ToddlePod.

Have you been to a baby show before? What was the most useful item you bought?

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