House tour: top inspiration if you want a country kitchen

This home tour first featured on my Rock My Style and it really stood out, as there are many elements we are looking to incorporate into our kitchen renovation. I think it's so important to find images of kitchens you like and dissect them to find your own style.

I love the light bright aesthetic of this open plan kitchen family room. That floor is bbb.eau.tiful! We have also gone for a different coloured island as a way of making a statement and making the cupboards recess into the walls.
The brass hardware gives it a lovely aged effect and is very modern country style. The wooden stools also provide a bit of warmth.
The mismatched furniture and mirrors gives it a very relaxed style, which is important to not look too staged. I do like adding the odd vintage accessory and we have some demi johns just begging to be used in our kitchen somewhere.
There's also a bit of scandi style with the Eames style chairs, which we are also thinking about for our kitchen remodel.
Those large doors let in so much light and connect to the garden so well. We will be having large bifolds that open out onto our cottage garden and patio and hope that it provides as good an effect in our project.
It's all good and well choosing gorgeous fixtures for your kitchen but making sure they are easy to maintain is so important. In our old kitchen we had beautiful solid wood worktops but around the sink they were a nightmare to maintain and needed regularly sanding and sealing to keep the moisture out. A quartz or granite worktop used here is so much easier to look after.
It's important to have a few nick nacks and decorative items in a kitchen to give it more of a country vibe, as otherwise it might look more modern and sleek. There is a definitely a balance though and having too much on display can lead to a cluttered look. I think we will have the odd accessory dotted around but we really want to keep most of our clutter at bay.

So what do you think about this kitchen? Does it float your boat or is it is too rustic country for your tastes?

I'd love to hear your thoughts....

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